Thank you Allah; Thank you My Lord !


Justice Justice as we chant;
Next to God while we stand

Complains and sorrows do we show;
as all our heads turn to bow

Hearts and trust that was broken;
Health and wealth that was shaken

Our own world, the limitless desires;
We pray to thee of worldly attires

A child, some knowledge and comfortable living…
Everyone asks for their own short comings.

O Allah O Lord! But Little do we Thank!
Thank for all thy ships that never sank

For a world full of blessings and all Your forgivings;
Forgetting about them is all we keep doing

What would we be without your mercy?
What could we do without you grace?

So Thank you Lord! Thanks from all of us
The world that we live and those around us


The Angry Birds Epidemic!

I think its carved in their heads. All they think about are those birds with an angry face. It’s been two years since this whole epidemic started. Although now not that strong, but still the young children feel their loyalties towards these birds. They are actually everywhere around them!

They come under my feet while sometimes they are actually meant for the feet! From T-shirts, erasers to even slippers “Angry Birds” in my part of the world are everywhere…






& I feel as @ngry with them…

Whats in a Name?


Every morning after the men leave for work, I set up my little mobile office consisting of my laptop, diary and two cell phones on the dining room table. I flip channels on the TV for my one-and-a-half-year old so that we might stumble upon one of her favorite ads so that she may be engrossed for a while and I might get to meet one of my looming writing deadlines.

I choose this space because it helps me keep an eye on the maids, keep my ears perked for the doorbell, answer to my little one’s needs of snacks, milk and pamper change. (Multitasking-thy name is woman!) And in this hum drum of activity I try to let my grey cells churn out words and cast them into soft copy with a clickity clatter of my laptop keys.

Yesterday as I was seated on my dining table with my laptop, trying to distract my one and a half year old daughter into playing with her toys or by watching one of her favorite advertisements on TV, I happened to stumble upon one of the rambling morning shows. I usually have no patience for them-courtesy of the over-excited and over-dressed hosts who seem to be on a constant high and the mundane topics being discussed.

But this morning the topic under discussion caught my fancy. A name analyst had been called and a few guest celebs, callers and audience quizzed him on whether the names they had were right.

“My name is Henna,” one woman said. “I have heard that those with this name are always down trodden. Just like the plant henna is crushed to make mehndi. Is it true?”

The name analyst agreed.

As people threw their names at him, he told them whether their names were ‘positive’ or ‘negative’.  He claimed that in the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet, there are letters of water, fire, air and land. If a name has a perfect balance between all these four elements, the name is ‘positive’ otherwise ones name can have a negative effect on ones personality, success or relationships. Arguments raged about how names affect destinies and personalities.

I watched in awe as mothers asked if they should change their infant’s names because of some ailment. And all I could think about was how lucky we were– being blessed with a Maula TUS who has made naming a child so simple and so utterly perfect. When Maula TUS bestows a new born’s name, imagine the fortune of that child! When Haq na Dai is the first to utter his/her name it is sure to herald the best of good fortune for his/her life in this world and the hereafter.

It always amuses people that there is a repetition of names in my family. My sister and I–our first born’s name bestowed by Maula RA is Alefiya. My younger daughter’s name is Jumana-which is my sister’s name as well as my sister-in-law’s name! My husband’s name is Murtaza while my sister-in-law is also married to a Murtaza. So many namesakes! My sister Jumana is here for a few weeks and the confusion reaches its crescendo when someone hollers the name ‘Jumana’! But so blessed are we. Our destinies are shaped by Maula’s words–shaped by Maula’s TUS vision.

May our names always have the precursor ‘Amate/Abde Syedna TUS’–for undoubtedly, that title is the true worth of our name!

Amate Syedna TUS


Our Pain Defies Time

Its the 16th of the month and a cloud of gloom binds each one of us again; reminding us of the heart wrenching incident that occured just 90 days back.

Our sorrows no doubt aren’t limited to the dates on the calendar. There are just sudden frequent moments when we find ourselves bowed with grief, anguish, pain and longing of our beloved Maula RA. Silent tears are shed in our loneliness and sometimes while we together discuss the magnificent Burhani Daur.

Many times I think this pain, this sorrow is a permanent one and it shall only end with our lives, till the day we see our Maula RA, till the day we get the prestigious sharaf of deedar and  qadambosi of the sahib who taught us walayat and then based every pillar of Islam staunchly on it, carving in our hearts the  essence of Islam and the true eternal love of the Haq na Dai.



Alaikas Salato Alaikas Salam!

Amate Syedna TUS,

Changing to Appreciate

“Wow! What a perfect egg you made mummy!” my son complimented as I presented him his breakfast plate this morning. All of a sudden the early morning drowsiness had evoporated as I examined the egg and then felt proud of it. I was happy and that compliment was an instant morning energizer.


My father in law occasionally remarks, “I have misers in my house. They seldom appreciate” which is so true. We as a society have become pessimistic in our approach.  We have become so accustomed to looking at the half empty glass of water that we never notice and care to first appreciate it’s half full! We jump and first complain about the empty part.

So to speak of myself my son is so lavish with praises that he has actually motivated me to iron my clothes well, choose the right colors and do the same for him. It’s his jubilant remarks like, “Oh wow those are beautiful papra mummy! [he used to call kapra (clothes in Urdu) papra a few months back :) ] and it made me so happy. His happiness with my choice and remark while his eyes glittered swept me away and made my day. That is when I learnt to appreciate.

I have witnessed that appreciation is a unique power. Children who wouldn’t ever bother to put effort and listen became not only listeners but generated results in application. They felt cared and loved. They just needed the right attention and motivation. Simple. This is what simple loving words of appreciation did. Today they became the monitors and responsibility takers. Same goes for the toddler, teenager, young adult, adult till the very last stage of age. Appreciation breaks the ice.

Aqa Burhanuddin Maula RA in an entire talk of Shk Hebatullah stopped him and appreciated him whenever he talked of positive aspects in his conversation, which was an exemplary and an act of extraordinary patience while listening to the toughest details Sheikh Sahib gave.

Recently Janab Shk Ammar, The Masool MSB Trust shared that when he presented his note book in Jamea Saifiyah to Aqa Maula RA there were mistakes in the very first three pages but the first thing Maula RA did was He RA appreciated his hand writing.

I recently attended a workshop on leadership by Mr. Abbas Hussain and Mr. Zahir Siddiqui in which they prominently emphasised on the fact how culturally we are miser and poor of appreciation. One of the best leaders are the ones who know how, when and where to appreciate.

Its been long that we bring appreciation as a key instrument of motivation in our strategies and plans as it is the first undoing procedure always successful.

Objectives like change management which is the global focus in every arena of life today could be tackled better with the wise and honest use of appreciation.
So lets unlearn the pessimism and learn to appreciate and celebrate for a better happy and motivated US!


The Tree

I am a tree. My leaves are lush green and flowers pink. My fruit is ripe and its very sweet. I am loved by everyone around me but I do have a tale to tell…

When I was young and had just sprout out, I was very ambitious.  I was in a hurry to get the maximum nutrition to grow and develop so that I may become a strong fruit bearing tree one day. Hence I worked hard. I would be ready to take in the most of the nutrients and would actively involve myself in generating food for myself. I was clearly better than the rest.

Pride became my inevitable companion.  I would consider myself better than rest of my friends who weren’t as strong as me and would just concentrate on becoming stronger and better. I was selfish. In doing so I became arrogant and as a result lost many friends. I was young and impulsive but one day I did realise that life isn’t about becoming all tall and strong alone. It is about helping others to do so also. It was then when I made true friends. I would help them to become strong and share my food and water. It made me very happy and satisfied to see them grow and flourish with me.

Now today we are a whole family of big trees. We have grown up together tall and strong. I have beautiful fresh leaves and wonderful fruit. The fruit that I bear has caused my trunk and branches to bend but I have to bear fruit for the benefit of mankind. I have to offer my best and then get the most love from the world around me.

PL25103 - 80mm Fruit Tree - With Fruit


I love to give. The more fruit I bear, the heavier it gets for me to stand straight. I am now totally bent but I dont mind it at all as I am there where I wanted to be since many years. I am a tree; a satisfied one with all my ambition served.


No Traditional Essays Please!

“Man is a social animal.” Numerous essay books of many authors use this punch line to start their essays. It is one of the most conventional lines used in textbooks and those resource ones.

However the current trends and mediums of communication has rendered us helpless to customize ourselves according to the needs of the time.

Today to get your audience you have to present a captivating line and really prove you have a solid, valid point. Not only the print media but electronic as well. People are simply not interested in what you want to say, people would like to see what you have to offer to them! In the form of information or entertainment,  your point should be apt and put across crystal clear.

Today readers really want solid concrete stuff. Hence even a simplistic mode of language used is not really an issue if you have a matter of genuine interest for the audience to offer.

Much debate is going on the social mediums about the ethics of blogging. Today the world of business looks for customization,  connectivity and retention seeking tactics which bonds the customer to their client. To achieve that the world of business marketing wants true honest feelings communicated to the customers.  They want their writers to share their customer’s concerns and answer to their target interests by forming a personal bond with them. Today they do not require traditional essays. They want direct,  short focused strategies and material which makes the audience visit their page time and again for the highly empathic material they have on the site.

Many students of O, A Levels and higher learners of the English Language really have to struggle in the current times to cater to this new realm of business ethics. Many brilliant writers are simply told, “Honey,  I want fashion blogging! not essays on the vitality of the spring colors!”


There is an increasing sect of writers today who are trying to become as chirpy and vivid as possible.  Some are nailing it while some do struggle with the genuineness of the material to be presented.

The point behind all this debate is that times are changing and so are the requirements of us but it is this time that flexibility of one’s ability pays off. It is time we show our elasticity to this trend and give the world of business exactly what they want!

Back & Forth,

Back to Makkah; Back to Masjid ul Haram!

I couldn’t believe the worth of my eyes, the strength of my fate and the assurance of what laid ahead of me. It seemed a myth, an experience too much for my senses to realize, a dream too much to be actualized, for I was to experience, not an experience of ‘a’ lifetime but an experience which certainty carries the worth of a struggle of lifetimes.

I was to enter the gates of the Masjid ul Haram. I was to enter the majestical presence, the realms which promises utmost proximity to Allah. My feet wobbled as I made my way, with anxiety at its peak- to witness; to see the Kaaba for the very first time in my life.

Back in 2010 I prayed Hajj. Never a moment of that journey could be compared to any collection of moments or even the best of my entire life. Being close to Allah is an irreplaceable,  incomparable larger than life experience.

Every single tawaaf is unforgettable. In the heat- or in the glorious nights of Makkah, the divinity of every single moment is etched in my soul.

Prayers, peace and accomplishment; happiness, love and confidence; strength, will power and immense gratitude are only a few words of my limited diction certainly unjustifying the enormity of the limitless emotions felt there. I would sometimes just sit and encapsulate in me the visual that lay just in front of me- The Holy Kaaba; The House of Allah.


Hussain and myself


The Kankar gang


Someone had to click it too ;)


The group

Today as I walk down the memories of my pilgrimage, my heart aches to reach that best land- the best of the many worlds. I wish to orbit around the Kaaba one more time;  just like the planets do around the sun; just like the angels do in the heavens above; above and beyond…

For my Lord knows; and knows ALL,

Sharing via Social Media

The amazing thing about WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media is the exchange of illustrations and pictures with matchable quotes. I have been receiving and saving many some wonderful ones and read it from time to time. It is wonderful how we relate to them and share amongst eachother. Of the little joys, these pictures and illustrations offer a definite source of energy, motivation or sometimes sheer lifting of spirits.










The above are just some I have been saving since yesterday. I loved each message and hence want to preserve them here on Xeemarmar.


Maula TUS and that Pearl shaped Island


Sri Lanka is a little tear shaped island dangling right below the Indian subcontinent like a hanging pearl. I have had the blessed fortune of having traveled there twice–both consecutive Asharas with Hayyul Muqaddas Maula RA. My sister had just gotten married there and her in-laws were remarkable hosts to more than 25 guests.

Both Asharas were memorable, more so now in hindsight, because since then I have been unable to attend Ashara with Maula RA. Even though this was some 7 years ago (My Alefiya was one year old then), memories of this island’s capital city Colombo, its balmy breeze, its aquamarine skies, its enthralling shopping malls; Kandy’s winding roads, Nuwara Elai’s hill station-ish climate is firmly embedded in my mind.


Sri Lanka’s worth has amplified to no bounds ever since Aqa Maula Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS has repeatedly blessed this country with His TUS presence. And each time, believers the world over have gasped in wonder at the tremendous fortune of the momineen who live here and have taken barakat time and again.

It is clear that Maula feels rested there. And anyone would need rest–the itinerary Mufaddal Maula TUS follows is impossible to pertain to by a human. It is only in Maula’s TUS celestial capacity, that bound by the shackles of time, Huzoorala TUS spends every moment in blessing momineen and emancipating them; bringing them closer and closer to the showers of barakat of Burhanuddin Maula RA.

I wonder what that land holds–the same soil where Adam Nabi AS had first stepped on. What magnetic treasures lie in that earth that Waliullah TUS has blessed it with His TUS Aqdaam Tahera four time since Nass? For nothing is just chance; there is no randomness in this existence. Everything has a deeper meaning-a loftier purpose, especially if it is the action of Haq na Dai TUS. This musing delights me.


Today too, the first time since Maula TUS has become Dai, after a week long stay at Bandarawila, Momineen of Colombo will get the bounty of Huzoorala’s TUS waaz mubarak. I get news from my sister, about Maula’s TUS schedule and it makes my heart fill with joy that someone so close to me-nay, a part of me-is there reaping barakat. Someone is there who is praying for me and performing deedar on my account. It is as if I am an there too spiritually. I can imagine it all. The honey coloured walls of the Husaini masjid in Colombo, the glass doors of Qutbi Hall, the alley which leads to the masjid gates, the view of the crashing waves from the masjid windows and the whistle of the train who’s track is just at the shore.

I have the most incredible memories of this beach and train track. On the occasion of the end of the second Ashara in Colombo, Burhanuddin Maula RA was travelling to a hill station by train. My sister in law had just got married the night before and after a late night of wedding revelry, we were sleeping the sleep of the dead the next morning in our seaside apartment. The shrill ring of my phone woke me. It was my sister. “Are you at the tracks? Maula RA is leaving in the train.” That snapped me out of my slumber. I yelled at everyone to wake up. Throwing on our ridas, the men fumbling with their kurtas, a two-year old Alefiya in her kitten nightie clasped in my arms, we ran to the tracks in five minutes flat.

We heaved a sigh of relief when we saw momineen still gathered at the tracks. Suddenly Maula RA stepped into the train amidst cries of ‘Maula Maula’. As the train chugged to a start, I ran after it. I ran with Alefiya in my arms. I ran until my chest ran out of breath. I ran as the train pulled away until it was just the train with Maula RA in it and me and my daughter and Burhanuddin Maula RA gazed at us. I knew Maula RA was looking at me. I can still feel that gaze. It makes my eyes prick with tears and I can feel the goosebumps even today.

“Maula TUS looked at me!” I gasped to everyone in exhilaration, panting for breath to fill my lungs.That was my final deedar of Maula RA in Colombo. Had I known it, I wouldn’t have stopped running after that train.


Today, on the first of Jamadil Sani I wish fervently that I be in Colombo whenever Mufaddal Maula TUS sojourns there.

Amate Syedna TUS