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Top 10 Reasons; Why E-books can’t replace the Paper Ones

Honestly one can’t really convince me to read a book online. E-books to me is an absurd idea.

Synonymous to paper, ink and a fine bound cover; thats what I can only call; a book. I have my reasons and I am sure many would agree with them. The Top 10 reasons I wouldn’t replace the artefact with any of the touchscreens available are:

1. I love the scent of paper; old, new, torn, yellow or glistening fresh… I just love the scent of it!

2. With so much of the world computerized, reading a book is a definite treat to my nerves, eyes and most of the parts of my body!


3. Holding a book gives a different feeling altogether. Its just simply more human friendly…you can sleep on it! Eat with it and and snap… just close it and tug it under your pillow!

4. Most importantly you do not need to recharge it and certainly you own a piece of entertainment which doesnt for once require electricity!

5. And ofcourse, characters, moments, situations feel more real with the real printed text. The black and white text contains a wonder of flavor and colors which a glaring screen just cant do so!

6. Sharing a book with friends may be a diminishing concept but those who do so really enjoy the worth of it. Ofcourse you can share online but then you can also chat online and never really meet your friends…


7. And the best part is you can read your book in any posture you like and really dont need your hand’s index finger again n again to swap and locate.
8. Plus you can always enjoy all the fancy bookmarks your received as gifts and even the awesome ones you made it!

9. The illustrations are more attractive on paper than the ones on the screen which we are ‘oh so immune’ to !

10. And lastly I love collecting them and to me a well kept book shelf is the best decoration item in any room!

An orthodox ‘book-ie’,

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The Brat called “Flash”

“You are THE FLASH!”
“The fastest!”
“No! Dont or you will win from me!”
“Wow you are the first!”
Numerous such comments and an endless list of acts I have to perform to make AA do his homework, go to the madrasa, take a bath and learn his dictation. The boy works anti-clockwise. To motivate him to do something either I have to tell him NOT to as I might lose from him or I have to convince him that he is brilliant and turn him into some sort of a star shining in the darkest of the skies.

Phew! Everyday I have to be more innovative than the last to make sure that he thinks mummy is putting an extra effort in her acts! (I guess thats where he gets his drive from… a rush of adrenalin from the absolutely bewitching performance :p)


I’m certain by now I could’ve easily written a short book on ‘how to innovatively handle a 6 year old brat’. Nevertheless one thing is for certain anger and shouts dont work on such kids. They become more adamant and miserable to handle. The only solution is the indirect approach and I definitely find immense solace in this one. The boy readily succumbs to my stories and the imagery I create for him, hence making my life calmer, simpler and productive.

I hope this strategy of acts and performances lasts me longer before its value expires and I have to come up with a different plan altogether. I hope the little boy grows up well; more sensible and less hyper active than he is today!

Counting on my motivational techniques,


Jinnah, anyone?

We are a nation who need a template for everything. We lack embedded values and core morals to form the foundation on which decision making could be done. We are emotional and believe in going with the flow. The sad part is that in doing  what we do, we never really understand who we really are?, What is our purpose? And what we really are aiming for ! With a hazy belief system and weak core values we usually spend our lives living according to how others were living at that time while those others were themselves on the very some boat.

For everything we need an aid of an already tried and tested safe example without sometimes even using common sense. We dwell in these safe havens, fearing we would tap on our undiscovered capabilities and might actually improve our school of thought and actions.

If the current trend of political sit ins is there, so all that everyone talks about and ponders about is this. If there is a tradition of celebrating Eid, then all shopping MUST be done in the last week. If Sunday is a holiday, then sleeping till noon is the only definition left to it. If there is a holiday then only it means, its a special day or some catastrophe has resulted in the city. If the media says its breaking news, it has to be important! If we get a holiday on 14th August, its Independence Day And if we DONT get a holiday on 11th September, then we casually forget THE MAN who was responsible for all these days of independence, all the freedom of media, and the one who actually made this homeland safe to profess and practice Islam!


We should really peep into our souls and align our morals before we are attacked on the basis of our feeble values and belief system.



Bleeding Green

Patriotism is not simply wearing and hoisting the green flag on the Independence Day, it is collecting the small paper flags lying on the floor after that.

Patrotism is not lecturing a class of students but educating them and making them learn.

It is sheer patriotism when Mr. Abbas Hussain gives his everything to instigate the passion in teachers and professors to bring down the walls of embedded cultural backlash and think about the paradigms that could be achieved through planning for the welfare of the students of our nation.

Patriotism is not talking about reforms and only being critical of every single thing concluding in the state but it is about people like Mr. Imran Khan bringing reforms.

It is not about watching the crowd on the television sets but it is about being part of it ! It is about playing your apparently meagre yet enormous role in making things better for your people and everyone around you.

Patriotism is when you pick up an empty pack of snack, educate a child you meet, feed a poor human on your way, follow traffic rules, respect your surroundings and get up every morning with a thought “What could I do today to make things better for the people of my country and everything around me?”

Yes it is about you! It is about me! It is about US! It is about the difference we all make everyday with our thoughts, actions and mostly reactions.


Salutations to the patriotic of my land !


The ‘Selfie’ Virus

There was something absolutely bizzare about the lady just in front of me. She kept on tilting her head, brushing her hair one way and the other and kept passing all the smiles even google would be short of to provide!

I was now curious and wanted to know whether why? why? why? on mighty earth someone would waste such an encyclopedia of smiles to nothing in front !

And then I lifted myself halfway from my chair and literally peeped… and aha! I found my answer… the lady had a nice smartie in her hand and the presence of mind to make the right click in the well lit location of the food court at Dolmen Mall Clifton, made her smile and pose all the way…


Well well well it is an era of selfies, it may be the age of information but definitely I would love to call this decade also ‘ an age of selfies ‘.

Every living toddler, every little trip or even a movie being watched and even the recent dharna being attended can become international news with a selfie beautifully photoshopped, attached to it.

People seem today in a transaction, a deal that you compliment me and I will do the same! No harm, but infact today everyone makes sure that they have their beautiful selves displayed and admired by many and more…. Indeed human instinct it is …. to be admired and appreciated… so well every era has its own fever and the fever of selfies is definitely an epidemic of the current times…

As much as I myself love to make the right click ;)

Add me in the ‘selfie’ count!

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In a State of Civil War

What a show! What a perfect battle! My country yesterday faced and is facing a terrorist coup and that also not of an ordinary kind but the worst history must have known. It was the great achievement of Mr. Nawaz Sharif; the prime minister of Pakistan and his government that he faced the army of terrorists igniting a bloody debacle carrying the most lethal weapons any war or mankind must have known!

These terrorists carried with them no guns, no bombs and neither any hi fi gadgets but toddlers and sticks to aid them walk along with water bottles to quench their thirsts. Yes this was the army of terrorists Mr. Sharif along with his ‘democratic’ governmemt faced.

Speechless, spellbound and desperation is exactly what I felt while watching this episode LIVE and still viewing it LIVE. The only question left to ask the government and democracy is IS THIS NON EXISTANT DEMOCRACY, A SEAT OF A PRIME MINISTER WORTH THE LIFE OF EVERY SINGLE PAKISTANI?

Yes, every single Pakistani cause every single person fighting this battle represents every single person living in the country. Every woman and child being massacred ruthlessly is my own mother, sister and child.

This debacle has left a permament mark in the history of my nation and  every single person of the country. And yes! if this is what a revolution is to look like then this is the defining moment when the people of Pakistan are united, on the streets, helpless angry but ready and determined to sacrifice their all against decades of injustice and cruelty these fake and selfish politicians posed on them.

The constitution avenue has turned into a war zone with ironically the people fighting against their own officials and for what? For the seat that seems the most petty matter of conflict compared to the price paid in flesh and blood!

Shame is what I feel, sitting comfortably at my home while my brothers, sisters and children fight for a brighter future of Pakistan and its people. And wait not only fight but sacrifice their lives for us and our generations to come!

Shame Shame Shame on you Mr. Nawaz Sharif! Just when you are done auditing the amassed collections of gold and silver, let your conscience murder you with the thought of every drop of blood you shed for that seat which just is bathing with the blood of every Pakistani and their little children today.

Go Nawaz! Just Go Already!

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Its been 12 days the country is in a situation of a deadlock. There are men, women and children sitting outside the constitution avennue near the parliament house since days. There is an unbearable stench of decomposed matter and while these avennues are turned into public lavotories there are diseases going viral in the air.

Everyone talks about their mandate, all leaders inflexible and determined. Yes revolutions demand sacrifice of their people but then there are clear heavens forseeable but do we see them today is the question?

Its sad the media talks about all the rights of the people but no one mentions the conditions the people are facing. This time buying tradition is just playing havoc on the nerves of not only the people in the Azaadi Chowk but every citizen of Pakistan. The level of anxiety is at its peak at this point of time. We the citizens of Pakistan feel gripped and are extremely tensed about our brothers and sisters who are sitting at the D Chowk wishing for a revolution representing each Pakistani living in the country and abroad. Naive and coy are my people. They are innocent ones and a single loss of life will cause immeasurable heartbreak amongst the people of the country.

Please its an appeal to the government to stop the battle of nerves and give in to the people and their mandate. Please strike a balance as democracy is of the people, by the people and for them and if the people are willing to give their lives to end it, then definitely its not worth it for any government or the nation at large.

Please us the Muslims of the subcontinent have sacrificed much since the past 150 years. Lets end the tradition. The victory of the people is the only win-win situation forseeable today for the country and its so called democratic systems.


Hopeful Always,


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