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Pehli Raat of Rabiul Awwal 1436:

The hands of the clock knows no cessation. Hence time passes, without a pause, glitch or a bump. Nothing in the world has posed a threat to the tick-tock of time.

Tonight we have reached the month for which many of us prepared the entire year. The month in which the 52nd Dai of Mohammad (SAW), Mohammad Burhanuddin RA, the fateh kaamil of this era of Duat Mutlaqeen left this material world for the heavenly abode. Prepared are we, globally, to witness the endless blessings that will be showered from the best of heavens on the 16th of Rabi ul awal. Indeed the Raudhat Tahera will actually be a raudhat of heaven on earth.

With pain of the loss, fresh and young in our hearts; we welcome the month, ready to embrace the milad of Rasul Allah (SAW) following with the urus of our beloved Maula (RA) for whom the time may not had stopped; but definitely bears the burden of an irrecoverable loss.

Alaikas Salato Alaikas Salam!

Amate Syedna TUS,

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To the children who are no more…

peshawar 1

On the first day of the carnage I did not watch TV hoping to shut out the enormity and horrendousness of what had happened.  Was such an atrocity even possible?

On the second day I couldnt tear my eyes away from the images of havoc and blight which flickered before me.

The tears fell and my heart squeezed with pain as stories of the 132 children and nine school staff massacred by the Taliban in Army Public School, Peshawar, filled every TV channel.

Surviving students were interviewed who retold their versions of how the  insurgents stormed the army-run school systematically went from room to room, shooting children during an eight-hour killing spree.

“Kill them all…” said a grade 10 boy who had injured his leg. “I heard them say that in Pushto…”

Another student with a bullet in his chest, lying in a hospital bed, recalls hollowly how he saw his friends shot in the face.

A 16-year-old, who had been shot in both legs, retells how he played dead to escape the ruthlessness of the shooters who were hunting for children to slaughter. Imagine the scars these impressionable minds have been left with; scars which will mar their entire existence. A school is a child’s second home—but for these boys it will remain synonymous with a life-altering tragedy. The walls of their school will always remind them of their peer’s lifeless faces and pools of blood.

A brother told a news reporter how his younger sibling had not wanted to go to school that day. “He had hurt one of his fingers and he told ‘ammi’ that he did not want to go to school…” his voice trails off. “But Ammi said that he was a brave boy and brave children do not miss school because of minor scrapes…”

Imagine the anguish of such a mother. Imagine how desperately she wants to turn back the clock.

Another distraught mother who lost one son in the catastrophe sobs that she will never send her other son to school.

There are images of a 5-year-old girl who had been sent to school for the first time. As she looks out innocently from the TV screen I bite my lip and glance at my two-year –old daughter who has just fallen asleep. Did that 5-year old skip merrily to school brimming with excitement at the prospect of her new friends?  Or did she cry while letting go of her mother’s hand?

There are accolades paid to the Principal of Army Public School who sacrificed her life while rescuing many students to safety.  9 teachers at Army Public perished, many were burnt viciously to death, as they tried to shield their pupils. “Our teacher stood before the insurgents and said that they would have to kill her to get to us…” says a student. As a teacher who has taught for over a decade I cannot even begin to imagine the protectiveness and responsibility these teachers must have felt for her students. Did they remember their own children while they breathed their last?

‘There is no class 9 in Army Public School, Peshawar’ read a tweet circulating on all Pakistani TV channels. The tears did not cease while I saw images of young boys, men really, whose eyes were alight with a glow of hope only the young can hold. With them died the dreams of college life and the ambitions of a successful career. With them died the future of their parents.

I have taught class 9 in a community school I was working in. Such mischief and ambition shines in the eyes of such 14 year olds. I shudder at the thought that that light has been mercilessly doused in the batch of APS, Peshawar.

peshawar 2

What can we all do but pray for those who have lost their beloved. Pray for the future of this land. Pray for the forgiveness of our sins.


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ماں کی فریاد


بیٹا آج ہو چپ کیوں ؟
اتنے خاموش نہ تھے تم کبھی یوں
روز آتے جو اسکول سے پکارتے تھے مجھے
پوچھتے تھے ماں کہ کیا کھلاؤگی آج ؟
آج چپ ہو کیوں ؟ لنچ باکس میں کھانا یونہی پڑا ہے کیوں ؟

مٹی میں بھرا ہوتا یونیفارم سارا
کہتے تھے پھر تم; ماں اب خفا مت ہونا
آج لال ہے تمھاری شرٹ کیوں ؟
سبز سویٹر کا خون میں یہ حال کیوں ؟

وہ قصے کہانی, داستانِ اسکول تمہاری
دوستوں کے افسانے اور فرمائشیں تمہاری
دلایا تو کل ہی تھا وہ کھلونا تمہیں
تو پھر کس بات پہ مجھ سے روٹھے ہوئے ؟

ایسے بھلا چپ رہتے ہیں کیا ؟
امّی سے کبھی کوئ روٹھ جاتا ہے کیا ؟

~ زینب


Peshawar bleeds…

When sending her child to school a mother usually thinks about:

“What will he eat for lunch?
He didnt eat much for breakfast…
His uniform wasn’t ironed properly…
I hope he doesnt get confused in ‘that’ question in the paper…”

She doesn’t think about:

Whether her child will be shot on the head or the heart. She cant begin to even imagine if he would ever come back and worse if he will bleed to death or die instantaneously.

A mother worries about her child’s muddy shoes that need to be polished, not about the pool of his blood collected in them…


These shoes outside my door haunt me


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Nazafat; The Cleanliness Drive Worldwide

Nazaafat i.e. cleanliness has become the mission of Dawoodi Bohra community worldwide. Under the leadership of the 53rd Dai ul Mutlaq Syedna Aali Qadr Muffadal Saifuddin TUS momineen strive and chalk out strategies for keeping clean their societies, city and country at large.

This and last Sunday citizens of Shabbirabad A and B Block i.e. Burhani and Yousufi Mohallah joined hands to serve the purpose and from the young to the old; all were seen with equipments to clean their surroundings and mohallah. The zeal and energy with which the drive was carried out was contagious. People were seen cleaning outside their houses and lanes fervently participating in the drive to attain happiness of their Maula TUS.








Guiding the young ones too :)

The result of the drive was evident within 3 hours of continuous cleaning and teamwork under the guidance of the Shabab, Toloba ul Kuliyaat Momineen and Burhani Guards in general.

It has been seen that momineen are always enthusiastic about participating in all such noble causes and are ever ready to contribute wholeheartedly with health and wealth to them.

May Allah give strength and preservance to each momin to participate likewise in every cause as per the directives of Maula TUS. Ameen!

And may Allah grant our Maula TUS, our true guide of our deen and dunya a long and healthy life till the day the last speck of dust exists in the world. AMEEN!

Amate Syedna TUS,

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Shahzada Aali Vaqar Shahzada Ali Asghar Bhaisaheb Kalimuddin DM

I am yet not still in the count amongst the fortunate who got the sharaf of being taught the Aala Haqaiq Kitabs by Shehzada Ali Asghar Bhaisaheb DM. However the glimpse of the privilege is very evident in every word of the saheb, in every majlis and all bayaans.It is indeed one of the countless blessings of Maula Aali Qadr TUS that Shahzada Saheb was sent to Pakistan as His ambassador bestowing us momineen of Karachi specifically with His TUS nazaraat and barakaat.

From the pearls of wisdom showered during ashara to tonight’s chehlum waaz, Shahzada saheb has indeed showered us with jewels of knowledge with the raza mubarak of Maula TUS, increasing both the capacity of our vessels of knowledge and our standards.

Unbelieveable it is when with such simplicity Shahzada Saheb opens up limitless thoughts, touching our minds and souls with the noorani Ilm of Aale Mohammad. Indeed, the nazaraat of Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA, Syedna Burhanuddin RA and now Syedna Aali Qadr TUS reflects and radiates in Shahzada Ali Asghar Bhaisaheb Kalimuddin DM.

I thought twice before writing this post for I have very little knowledge and Ilm in general, but I couldnt control myself today for I am always so awe-inspired after every waaz and every bayaan of Shahzada Saheb.

Today with great gratitude we shall make this prayer that May Allah give strength and a long life to Shahzada Saheb to perform khidmat of Maula TUS, which he does so tirelessly! AMEEN.

May Maula TUS keep blessing us momineen with the august presence of such prestigious Sahebs and May Allah bless our Maula TUS with health and a long prosperous life till the day of Qayamat. Ameen!

Shukran Maula TUS,

Amate Syedna TUS,

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Amidst the clouds

“You are still very impulsive, I must say”…
Just tell me that and witness for yourself the most defensive person you’ve ever come across! I would go lengths to defend myself and try to prove it otherwise… never thinking about the fact that the endless defense and mindless justifications is itself an act of impulse!

Having said that; Thats me! Try I may with complete sincerity and dedication I cant completely reinvent myself and turn myself into a completely new product having no previous memory and data in itself. I am a human; having core intrinsic values, ingrained behaviour, my own set of experiences and ofcourse the unique color of my clouds through which I see LIFE in totality and in general. I can become better, I can improve, I can change for the good, the bad or maybe remain stagnant but I will still remain myself, having the same heart, the same soul…

The conviction of my belief today led me to the thought that its exactly what all of us are; unique, carrying our own identities, experiences and colored clouds with us. Its through these unique ideas and the colors; we gather, we paint our own picture of the world. We amass our experiences and nourish our souls from the pulp of these experiences. So to say my vision, for what I see is better than yours or maybe makes more sense is totally unjustifiable to me. Your clouds are as beautiful as mine and definitely more sensible than mine and I totally respect that and so should every living cell on earth…

However, the world doesnt end here, it goes further when you respect and accept- you move further, far away from your self, letting yourself to enjoy the beauty of the dynamically colored clouds. You are better able to see, learn and even experience the novel vision of the minds and souls. Life becomes an accessible and a legible book. Every page you turn is enjoyable and understood- the subject, content and plot till it all becomes predictable, justifiable and sensible. Infact it is then when you really become larger; Larger than Life itself…




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