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In a State of Civil War

What a show! What a perfect battle! My country yesterday faced and is facing a terrorist coup and that also not of an ordinary kind but the worst history must have known. It was the great achievement of Mr. Nawaz Sharif; the prime minister of Pakistan and his government that he faced the army of terrorists igniting a bloody debacle carrying the most lethal weapons any war or mankind must have known!

These terrorists carried with them no guns, no bombs and neither any hi fi gadgets but toddlers and sticks to aid them walk along with water bottles to quench their thirsts. Yes this was the army of terrorists Mr. Sharif along with his ‘democratic’ governmemt faced.

Speechless, spellbound and desperation is exactly what I felt while watching this episode LIVE and still viewing it LIVE. The only question left to ask the government and democracy is IS THIS NON EXISTANT DEMOCRACY, A SEAT OF A PRIME MINISTER WORTH THE LIFE OF EVERY SINGLE PAKISTANI?

Yes, every single Pakistani cause every single person fighting this battle represents every single person living in the country. Every woman and child being massacred ruthlessly is my own mother, sister and child.

This debacle has left a permament mark in the history of my nation and  every single person of the country. And yes! if this is what a revolution is to look like then this is the defining moment when the people of Pakistan are united, on the streets, helpless angry but ready and determined to sacrifice their all against decades of injustice and cruelty these fake and selfish politicians posed on them.

The constitution avenue has turned into a war zone with ironically the people fighting against their own officials and for what? For the seat that seems the most petty matter of conflict compared to the price paid in flesh and blood!

Shame is what I feel, sitting comfortably at my home while my brothers, sisters and children fight for a brighter future of Pakistan and its people. And wait not only fight but sacrifice their lives for us and our generations to come!

Shame Shame Shame on you Mr. Nawaz Sharif! Just when you are done auditing the amassed collections of gold and silver, let your conscience murder you with the thought of every drop of blood you shed for that seat which just is bathing with the blood of every Pakistani and their little children today.

Go Nawaz! Just Go Already!

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Its been 12 days the country is in a situation of a deadlock. There are men, women and children sitting outside the constitution avennue near the parliament house since days. There is an unbearable stench of decomposed matter and while these avennues are turned into public lavotories there are diseases going viral in the air.

Everyone talks about their mandate, all leaders inflexible and determined. Yes revolutions demand sacrifice of their people but then there are clear heavens forseeable but do we see them today is the question?

Its sad the media talks about all the rights of the people but no one mentions the conditions the people are facing. This time buying tradition is just playing havoc on the nerves of not only the people in the Azaadi Chowk but every citizen of Pakistan. The level of anxiety is at its peak at this point of time. We the citizens of Pakistan feel gripped and are extremely tensed about our brothers and sisters who are sitting at the D Chowk wishing for a revolution representing each Pakistani living in the country and abroad. Naive and coy are my people. They are innocent ones and a single loss of life will cause immeasurable heartbreak amongst the people of the country.

Please its an appeal to the government to stop the battle of nerves and give in to the people and their mandate. Please strike a balance as democracy is of the people, by the people and for them and if the people are willing to give their lives to end it, then definitely its not worth it for any government or the nation at large.

Please us the Muslims of the subcontinent have sacrificed much since the past 150 years. Lets end the tradition. The victory of the people is the only win-win situation forseeable today for the country and its so called democratic systems.


Hopeful Always,

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A Desperate Pakistani

I am a Pakistani.

I am that Pakistani for which the Quaid struggled for a sovereign state where I could practice my religion i.e. Islam without any discrimination or fear.

My country was found on the principles of democracy giving way to the voice of people for the people and by the people.
The parliament, national assembly and other governmental bodies are supposed to be public serving bodies meant to strategize and work for the benefit of the nation and its people at large. The constitution is a sacred document defining the values and political stance of the country.

However unfortuntately my country and its people misunderstood that being the public servant of the country meant making people their servant and sucking the life and blood out of the people of the country. Round and around the ball game continued with the power being thrown from one tracheaous hand to another in the past 67 years meanwhile the army and military played their desperate roles.

Now having said all that and having numerous debates in the last 7 days on the political conditions of the country I wonder of the following unanswered questions:

If the country believes in democracy and is run on political grounds than an angry large crowd of people on the basis of sentiments and a gutsy political leader without any political negotiation could bring down the position of the head of state and threaten the government?

Second, agreeing to every single statement of Kaptaan is not only wise but inevitable for every single citizen of the nation. But is the modus operandi correct? Are the people who are put at stake whose life, time and security are being threatened every moment would be given the desired justice or it is also just taken as a mini evening concert arranged by the Tehreek to get hold of the kursi the Kaptaan is apparently desperate to get hold of?

Third, when you talk about Islamic Republic of Pakistan then exposing your women swaying to the dance moves in the rain late at night while the aiming modernistic leader dances along with the party on the containers reflects the perfect Islamic stance of the nation? Is the new Pakistan in every sense being new? Defying all ethics and core values and catering to a certain niche of the society?

Fourth the Nawaz brothers, with every move condemned and no doubt rightly so will leave their seats on the basis of an unproved fact of swindling of the votes? Now ? Well anyone can prove they swindled ? MQM ? PTI itself or etc etc.

Fifth does anyone care about the country’s economy and the problem these sit ins are posing? 7 days is a big number and it seems neither the government nor the enthusiasts much care about the economical and social conditions of the state.

Lastly, while every body is trying to have a piece of the reformist’s cake, can we be a bit more serious about this? or are we waiting for some kind of an elastic limit to be crossed so that we can revert to chaos for a few more days adding to the much deserved break the certain chunk of the nation seems to be enjoying?

Nevertheless I reserve my comments.

I only aspire for a decent amicable answer to all this… for the reform isnt a one day venture, its an entire journey, a transformation requiring foresight, intelligence, superior politics and patience.

Hopeful always,


The irritating WhatsApp!

Its definitely the time to rewind. With extra exposure to technology our lives have also involuntarily and recently been extra exposed. Its true facebook created quite a havoc sometimes back but today whatsApp is proving more privy and a nuisance to many.

Added features of voice messages, and now the click and send option has taken its toll on many parents whose children while fiddling with the cell phones are sending voice messages and personal pictures to an entire group of 40! (Rest assured there are many irritated sects which are already very irritated of the whatsApp disease)

Similarly the feeling of being always approachable no matter where without incurring a dime causes unnecessary messages to be sent by various senders which is again a constant source of irritation.


Also I feel all professional communication should be done on a professional platform in the professional working hours and whatsApp shouldnt in no way be used for professional communication. Its seems against the decorum of discipline, time and then timely management of tasks.

However having said all that, I reserve my comments and intend to share my opinion only.


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Imran Khan!

imran 1

I have always been in love with Imran Khan! When I was a teenager and hopped from one crush to another– Imran Khan, Sylvester Stallone (courtesy Cliff Hanger)  and Rahat Kazmi (courtesy Dhoop Kinaray)remained my consistent loves! (Teenagers are capable of equally and fairly swooning over multiple heart throbs!)

imran 2

My friends always knew what a big fan I was and always passed comments about his infamous love life and playboy tendencies! A friend of mine had a thick book-a pictorial biography of Imran Khan-and every time I went to her house I pored over the kaleidoscope of images and sighed, mooning over Imran in his cricket whites, or Imran looking like such a dashing gentleman in a suit, or Imran in a candid moment with his family. His aristocratic features; those crinkles near his deep set eyes; the unruly Byronian locks of hair—that inimitable cross of uniqueness which came from his brooding Pathan genes and refined Oxford breeding! What was there not to love for a girl of 13!

imran win

When he led the Pakistan Cricket team to win the 1992 cricket world cup and lifted that crystal trophy, I was ecstatic. I saw his face break into a genuine smile– a smile of unabashed joy-very unlike his usually restrained expressions- when he lifted his arms in triumph and hugged Miandad. I spent years vehemently defending his victory speech –which was anticlimatic—to my friends!

His focused efforts for the Shaukat Khamun Hospital, which paid homage to his mother, were a ray of hope for those who couldn’t go abroad for cancer treatment. Later when my mother suffered from the disease herself, my admiration for him and his venture multiplied. When I look back I faintly remember his visit to my school to collect donations for the hospital, but then I was but a mere child and still not in love with him yet! I recall I had managed to sell coupons and win an Imran’s Tigers Badge! In hindsight, it made me gleeful to know that I ‘had’ seen him in person!

imran wedingimran 4

Needless to say my name was on the list of heart broken females when he married Jemima and was even more miserable when he was separated from her years later.

 When Imran entered politics by forming his party Pakistan Tehrike Insaaf, I, like many others wondered why he wanted to get his hands dirty in the messy, gory game of politics. After all, Imran Khan had everything! Fame, fortune and a purpose! But that in itself speaks for his genuineness! He believed he could make a difference; he believed in justice and he believed that his country deserved a change!

imran 3

Today, after 18 years of struggling consistently and relentlessly in the political arena, Imran Khan has become a political force to be reckoned with! His voice calls to you and me-average Pakistanis-who wish for a better life. Average educated Pakistanis who truly want the freedom their ancestors fought for 67 years earlier. Average Pakistanis who are not industrialists or jagirdaars! Average Pakistanis who do not want to believe that going abroad might be our only option for a better quality of life where we will not have to struggle for the basic necessities of life and survival.

I do not know whether Imran Khan is our answer to a better Pakistan! Yes, he is politically still a novice! Yes, I voted for him in the 2013 elections. But I do know that the options we have as political leaders stand nowhere near the commitment Imran promises! These leaders have been tried, tested and have failed us. Time and again!

Here’s to Imran-may his streak of success in the cricket field also follow him into the political field and may he make our nation proud yet again! May he be the reason we may some day be proud to be Pakistanis!imran 5


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Karachi heals !

I could see every thread of vein in my pink eye. A headache and shoulder pain accompanied the adverse effects of a tiring day. I tried as usual to shut my eye but all in vain when Ali Asghar came and started banging on my door and without a trace of mercy ordered his injured mom to get up and take him for swimming…

Absurd was the thought to me at once but I mustered up some courage cause I knew if I didnt take him, all hell will break lose in the house with spilled water, painted glasses, hight pitched television, and every five minutes escape from the house in search of cycling friends. So smart was the decision to take him to Gymkhana and let the pool there take care of the little brat on the lose.

When I reached there, I was much thankful for the right decision when the beauty of the weather took a therepautic effect on my aches and sheer dullnesses.


Karachi Gymkhana


Around the walking track

The wind and the few windy showers was simply the best thing that could happen to anyone’s nerves. It was a typical perfect weather of Karachi we all love, and guess what… I even motivated myself to take a stroll around the walking track. The trees formed a beautiful outline on the sky while people around played cricket and absorbed every moment of the ecstatic weather today.

Well as they say, “All’s well that ends well”

Feeling much better,

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67 Years of Independence

Gone are the days when celebration was anticipative in the citizens of the country on 14th of August. Since the last few years either its anticipation of a huge melo-drama by one or more of the segregated flagged representing hooligans of the state to give their poorly fixed performance in front of the entire state or its just another act, another poor joke or just another of the party stunt poorly played costing lives and scarce treasures of the nation.

Nevertheless we get what we need. Some poor mislead souls get their ray of hope, some financial bargains for their active participation while some thoroughly entertain themselves with the sensational lines and dialogues viewed on national television.

Well good for us! Atleast we have something to do, something to ponder over and now especially with additionally longer meaningless non working days contributing to the national economy, doing wonders to the welfare of the state; we are definitely glued and busy this independence day!

So, hopeful we are and will always be for thats the best we could do… sit at our homes near our television sets and hope for the best…

So, this is to another year of survival amongst the fittest :D
YES, We truly made it again!


Happy Independence Day!

Pakistan Zindabad!


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