My treasures

I was just staring, assessing, contemplating in my own way; of what lay ahead. I had seen that bouquet of flowers on the zarih of Imam Hussain AS. However unlike others who were trying to get their hands on every branch of the flowers, I restrained myself and for a moment just thought what could be done to get some barakat of these white roses. Meanwhile a single petal fell on the floor of the haram and without a thought I instantly leapt to grab it. I couldnt believe my victory as I stared at the single petal in my hand from the zarih of Hussain AS.

I carefully wrapped it in my green handkerchief that I always keep with myself which Burhanuddin Maula RA gifted to me back in 2004.

The petal I stared in awe and wonder for my fortune. I mixed it with my collection of a few petals (now left) from the turbat of Burhanuddin Maula RA that I brought with me back in February.




Petal mixed

Today however I took out The Petal and some of the petals of Maula RA turbat and kept them in a nice glass box. I feared I might accidently eat it or Ali Asghar might eat it hence I wanted to keep it safe…



I dont know what to say or what to feel. This was a gift never asked for, thought or even imagined.

Maula TUS says;

Hussain tou Hussain che!
Burhanuddin tu Burhanuddin che!

Amate Syedna TUS,


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