For my princess…

Very proudly I would call myself an emotional valiant and take pride in my ability to suppress emotions, while appearing unmoved. An art I had to work on for an emotional fool I was and still am…

However there are rare moments when the strict structure in me crumbles and I give away what I feel. That is exactly what happened when I as irritably picked up my mom’s call at a time when I am usually ‘life-ing’ away the usual.

Before I could greet in a usual edgy monotone of mine, my mom blurted in the ear-piece “Congratulations! You’ve become an aunt of  a beautiful little girl!” I was exhilerated; and that is an understatment…

At that very instant I realized that although that was predictable and I usually easily predict my behavior in various circumstances but this time all my predictions failed…

My eyes glistened with tears and my smile was an ear to ear one. The happiness was harmonious and radiating in  me nside/out. It was a very rare moment…


My princess

I remember being bonded unconsciously with Zahra. Although we are galaxies apart with respect to personalities and definite candidates as rivals for the World War 3 but surprisingly the steel in me would break down with a single tear in her eye. I would hear the crack clear in me…  

So today when I have become an aunt, I feel such endearment for my child which is becoming harder to express by the minute. Although I believe more in the bond of love without having anything to do with blood, but I guess this love radiating in me for my princess is inevitable…

For they say and I guess they must be right; “Blood is thicker than water”


Welcome to the world my little girl; Ali Asghar definitely has competition now!

& Yes; You have one hell of an aunt 😉
Xeynab Khala


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