The Murree Hills

Original is beautiful. Everything that is original has its distinct flavor, attraction and ofcourse a unique superior quality. I am one of the fortunate ones who had witnessed Murree Hills,(hill station in Punjab, Pakistan) in its prime originality, at its peak beauty and fine quality. It was then when the concept of deforestation for commercial purposes in a ruthless fashion was unheard of and simplicity the core of every life.

Yes times have changed and certainly the ways. With obsession and greed for more (thanks to the entire corrupt system, from top to bottom and bottom to top) each and every individual of the country is in a frenzy to make a quick and easy buck in these turbulent and unexpected times. Hence the thought, its action and results have definitely played its role in re-shaping the once scenic and extraordinary spell binding view of Muree Hills.

I went to Muree Hills today after about a decade (which had also been my residence for 2 years or so after my birth; as we owned one of the chain of shops of Esajee & Sons in Muree Hills too) and found that the once green scenic location has now been rennovated as a commercial spot with shops and restaurants hoarded on the streets of The Mall and its vicinity. The shopkeepers try to get every penny out of the excited visitors at the best of their ability and swarm them with their unique deals and offers. To a large extent the originality, the lush green gardens and the fresh air has been replaced with multi storied hotels, restaurants, unlimited shops and the aroma of food, and too much population around.

But then thats the change, and things keep on changing for a better suitable adaptable way to pace up with the trends and norms of the national and then the global society. Hence I guess Murree Hills changed with the required changing times. However having said all that, it was a nostalgic experience and well enjoyed.


Kashmir Point, Muree Hills

Chill-ing a bit,

P.S The shawl I bought from the famous roadside vendors is lovely! 🙂


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