3 things to do to compensate for that forgotten birthday wish!

If there is nothing else my generation is good at, it has to be in forgetting things and well I have to admit we have the ability to forget practically everything!

From assignments to invitations, birthdays to keys, we need reminders for everything! Facebook did wonders with birthdays but due to the information explosion our ability to keep in touch with that also exploded along with it…

Missing your spouse’s birthday could be heartbreaking and extremely taxing. Hence today I just did what I am good at, and forgot to wish him even though I remembered it was his birthday! Imagine!

So here are the three things I did to cover up my folly (& trust me it works, wide wide experience talking)

1. When confronted with your mistake, hush and dont say anything. Ofcourse he/she is hurt and expects an apology hence do it.

2. You have time, you always do! So plan! Plan something that would surprise him/her. If you usually bake a cake, gift this time. If you gift; plan a party etc etc. REMEMBER its your mistake and we all gotta pay for it hence do it gracefully.

3. If you are really good at it then maybe you can act all naive and coy and pretend along with your gift surprise that you remembered the birthday all this time and just planned to surprise him/her :p


My surprise gift 😉

These are simple three steps that would certainly pass you gracefully through the birthday wish that you forgot to make 😉

‘Dervish’ is what my friend and colleague Tahera would call me when knocking me with reminders! Hence this one goes out to all the dervishes like me 🙂

Happy ‘not-so’ belated birthdays 😉


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