The Big Deal with Silence

They must be right when they say, “Silence is gold.”
…And since gold is considered one of the most precious objects the world holds; silence must be having some weightage attached to it, to be made synonomous to it….

Hence this long silence on Xeemarmar.

After these days of silence I actually realized how hard it is to remain silent and maintain it. There had been numerous moments when I really wanted to vent out orally and then in the written form, but thanks to the battered and tattered yet useful at times- will power of mine, it didnt gave in to that lustrous desire.

I have always wished for Xeemarmar to be a constructive forum and not a complaint centre. Hence with all the baggage of negative contagious ideas, I decided never to unpack and unveil the deformaties life has to offer. Hence Xeemarmar was silent.

Its true and accepted that life plays its parts, clouds the clarity of mind, tests and that also without any syllabi or preparation. Nevertheless we survive and how well we do that is all whats matters.


Now the point of all this is to share the basic experience that I learnt which was that silence rids you off a lot of undesireable burden of conscience. Sometimes on impulse we are unable to control the outburst of our thoughts but restraining that moment, open diverse avenues of handling that particular situation more productively and positively. Later not only you get time to see the situation from the opposite party’s perspective but also lets you measure yourself more effectively and realistically. Above all; all is done without any regrets or guilt. Hence I learnt to be more patient in this phase which actually made me happier and satisfied with my life in general.

Measuring words,


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