I met an Artist today…

I made a new friend today. She is a real artist. The way she artfully applied  henna on my hands and shared with me her concerns left me thoughtful of the fact that, “Such talent is there in our hands, let alone the fact its unappreciated, but also it remains unnoticed.” Hence I am compelled to share my new friend’s story here…

“My husband is a drunkard and beats me and my daughter. Due to lack of means me and my daughter sleep hungry every other day. I dont worry about anything else but my daughter. My parents are very poor to support me and my in laws have thrown us out of the house due to my husband’s habits.”
“I am worried about how I will educate my daughter and if she will end up like me?” She said. I could feel the quiver in her voice while she applied henna on my hands. She said, “I dont get work for months, its nearly a year I am jobless. I have sold my household items to cover my essential needs. Last month I sold my iron…”

The girl is hardly 21 but has faced hardships which most of us dread to imagine even. It is due to her husband her own family and in laws have socially boycotted the girl. She feels helpless and is desperate for work. The girl is extremely talented and has the ability to copy designs intricately and immaculately. She even has made diagrams for chemistry, biology etc. students which seem a photostat of the original work. However her expertise in henna (mehendi) application is exemplary. Here is a sample of her work done on my hand.


My friend's work

I have her number. If anyone is interested in giving her (henna)mehendi work, the lady is desperate for some earnings, for her child and herself.

May Allah help us and be with all of us, Always…


Hopeful always,


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