Amidst the clouds

“You are still very impulsive, I must say”…
Just tell me that and witness for yourself the most defensive person you’ve ever come across! I would go lengths to defend myself and try to prove it otherwise… never thinking about the fact that the endless defense and mindless justifications is itself an act of impulse!

Having said that; Thats me! Try I may with complete sincerity and dedication I cant completely reinvent myself and turn myself into a completely new product having no previous memory and data in itself. I am a human; having core intrinsic values, ingrained behaviour, my own set of experiences and ofcourse the unique color of my clouds through which I see LIFE in totality and in general. I can become better, I can improve, I can change for the good, the bad or maybe remain stagnant but I will still remain myself, having the same heart, the same soul…

The conviction of my belief today led me to the thought that its exactly what all of us are; unique, carrying our own identities, experiences and colored clouds with us. Its through these unique ideas and the colors; we gather, we paint our own picture of the world. We amass our experiences and nourish our souls from the pulp of these experiences. So to say my vision, for what I see is better than yours or maybe makes more sense is totally unjustifiable to me. Your clouds are as beautiful as mine and definitely more sensible than mine and I totally respect that and so should every living cell on earth…

However, the world doesnt end here, it goes further when you respect and accept- you move further, far away from your self, letting yourself to enjoy the beauty of the dynamically colored clouds. You are better able to see, learn and even experience the novel vision of the minds and souls. Life becomes an accessible and a legible book. Every page you turn is enjoyable and understood- the subject, content and plot till it all becomes predictable, justifiable and sensible. Infact it is then when you really become larger; Larger than Life itself…




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