Nazafat; The Cleanliness Drive Worldwide

Nazaafat i.e. cleanliness has become the mission of Dawoodi Bohra community worldwide. Under the leadership of the 53rd Dai ul Mutlaq Syedna Aali Qadr Muffadal Saifuddin TUS momineen strive and chalk out strategies for keeping clean their societies, city and country at large.

This and last Sunday citizens of Shabbirabad A and B Block i.e. Burhani and Yousufi Mohallah joined hands to serve the purpose and from the young to the old; all were seen with equipments to clean their surroundings and mohallah. The zeal and energy with which the drive was carried out was contagious. People were seen cleaning outside their houses and lanes fervently participating in the drive to attain happiness of their Maula TUS.








Guiding the young ones too 🙂

The result of the drive was evident within 3 hours of continuous cleaning and teamwork under the guidance of the Shabab, Toloba ul Kuliyaat Momineen and Burhani Guards in general.

It has been seen that momineen are always enthusiastic about participating in all such noble causes and are ever ready to contribute wholeheartedly with health and wealth to them.

May Allah give strength and preservance to each momin to participate likewise in every cause as per the directives of Maula TUS. Ameen!

And may Allah grant our Maula TUS, our true guide of our deen and dunya a long and healthy life till the day the last speck of dust exists in the world. AMEEN!

Amate Syedna TUS,


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