Everyday is Mother’s Day…

Never in a month, not even in a day;

Never in a moment, no matter come what may;

My lips utter your name as my head lay,

On the very mat where I always pray

Wonder I always, and I must say;

Your name is what makes me live my EVERYDAY…



Amate Syedna TUS,

16th of Rajab ul Asab 1437

We all leave footprints behind. Some foot prints we are proud to own while others we wish to erase. Our footprints represent the life in us, the decisions we take and the choices we make.

Then there are those who accompany us in our journey. Some leave us while others replace us. It is a continuous process. There are innumerable steps that we take, countless ones that we leave behind, all in this seemingly endless journey called; Life.

Memories are like our footprints. We leave our prints on others, while there are moments others leave them on us. Some fresh, some old, some last with us for a lifetime while some merely a few hours.

But what happens when a memory becomes the reason for every step we take? When every print we leave behind freshens up the life of our call? When the sun, the moon, the stars and the nature seem to nourish it and strengthen it with each passing day…

When our memory becomes like the walk towards the sun, every day we try to reach it, while each day we only think we are much closer. Yet life seems too short, the life of the memory too wide and when it seems like a task insurmountable; we lay in the joy of it, not leaving behind a day, a print, a moment in which our memory doesn’t get stronger.

Thinking of You Maula RA shall we end our prints on these sands of time…
Each day Your memories stronger, Your thoughts in us fresher…

Amate Syedna TUS,


For the man to decide;


He only with bread, the other only with cake,
essential is the bread or the cake?
envy should you who?
The one with the bread or the cake?

Tied up with work, shackled by the day
A rich man’s mansion, a bed gold made
Sleep is what never comes his way
is he what you’d be or the man sleeping on hay?

Renowned he is, fame never left his way,
Surrounded by people throughout the day
Yet loneliness makes him weep his nights away,
Now choose what you may; fame or your beloved’s name?

Lacks he none; nor looks neither brain,
solves all the puzzles in this world’s game
yet no solace he seems to offer to his pain
Think again O’ man is that your peace you will exchange?
or settle it with less of brain, and a look but plain…


16th Jumada al Ukhra 1437


Like the tree that loses its vitality,
The colour of its leaves that fades,
The branch now bent and shrunk,
Weakened once the strong trunk

Autumn on it
Deadening, decaying…
slipping away to life,
its toil, to its helplessness

Yet the wait for Thee never ceases
as the tree waits for its Solace
For it is the call, that could only awaken
Life that only He can invigorate

In this life – less self of mine
I, The tree once lush, once green
is losing away to pain
this pain of insurmountable distance
This pain of endless wait…

Amate Syedna TUS,

Passion it is, Passion it should be!

I was totally inspired. One after another everything I had learnt in management sciences kept materializing in front of me. I could see the movement of my hand; my mind and muscle coordinating to focus on the task in hand. Initially when I held the tool in my hand, it felt exciting to use it but just after a few baby steps, I realized the enormity of the task that lay ahead.

I initially thought of rushing up to complete the entire task. I got anxious for its completion as the fear that crept in immediately was, “What if I am not able to complete this?” Instead of brushing the question aside and letting my anxiety get the better off me I decided to answer it… I thought “Fine I may not able to finish it in the near future but I shall remain determined to do so but at my own pace, all the while ensuring that whatever steps I take I will make sure they are done well and completely to my satisfaction.”

Deciding that and practically openly confronting my anxiety, it calmed down all my nerves. I was no longer anxious anymore and concentrated on doing my work right. Hence automatically my hand movement got less aggressive and calm. I started to enjoy my work. I immaculately completed one part and before moving on to the other made a few strategies about how to go about all sections of it. After dividing and allotting my resources for each section, I started working with my prescribed tool for each one. I did my work diligently and retained focus. When I completed my first section, I was quite satisfied with the work done which motivated me to go on further. All the while I made sure nowhere I should feel the need to rush through or drop the quality of my work due to any time or other constraints. I was now focused again.

One after another I kept completing each section, keeping in mind that I can always delay my work if at any point I lose motivation. This eliminated any anxiety creeping in me. It also helped me enjoy my work reinforcing my belief that everything I did, I did it willfully and with all my effort and passion. I made strategies and stuck to them which brought results and developed confidence in my abilities. The end was simple: I loved my product! It brought to me immense happiness and indeed it’s happiness only for which mankind slaves through his days and nights…

The simplest of things and simplest tasks can teach the most seemingly complicated lessons. The task I had worked on was a very simple one but the trail of thoughts were indeed something that I really wanted to capture; both in words and on camera:


My simple task:)

Enjoying the complexity in simplicity,

A Century and ONE


A photograph I wanted;
A picture which spoke of your memories,
White flowers; decorated around, an entire bunch, a lantern & pure whiteness…
A frame that says, “Memories to have and hold”
Out of just pure fancy, I took this picture
Today; the 6th of March 2016 it reminds me of You RA,
You the Eternal Lantern RA,
As Pure as the Roses so White,
Indeed memories and a lifetime of them…
To which; I hold on…

Happy Birthday Maula RA!
Happy Birthday to You!

Not just me, not just us, but the World misses You…

Amate Syedna TUS,

16th of Jumadal ula 1437:

I remember the scent of the ghilaf; the material had embroidered flowers which had scratched my forehead as I bent down and laid it on the turbat. I remember how desperate I was, pain struck and uncontrollably grieved,  while I rested my head finally on the divine turbat.

It’s been two years, but this vision keeps coming back and forth, either with eyes open or shut, such that I keep dreaming of this moment. I keep living in the time when my presence was fated around the premises of Raudhat Tahera where only the fortunate enters.

Aspiring and then imagining myself performing the dakhli, I keep exploring for videos and photographs to get an opportunity to see someone performing it… I greedily ask for my people to bring back home some flowers and a tad bit of the khak e shifa….

I run to the masjid every 16th so that I can balm my heart for a few moments, to reminiscence the lost times. Yet today I find no consolation, I feel the desperation and the deprivation too much. I wish for no wings but I do wish for a possibility to emerge, a possibility that takes me to the land of My Beloved RA.

Amate Syedna TUS,

Fostership Program: 1437

The era of Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA and the bounties which continue incessantly under the cool shade of Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS bear evidence to the revolution and evolution of the lifestyles of the Dawoodi Bohra community. From the way we eat to what we eat- the way we dress to what we don ourselves with- the cleanliness around and the one that holds in our hearts, from the recitation of Al-Quran to the memorization of The Holy Book; there is absolutely no leaf of our lives that remain unturned, unedited and not upgraded for the benefit of ourselves and the entire humanity.  

The miracle of Faiz-e-Mawaiyad-e- Burhanniyah and the melody of those ardent voices that tirelessly, agelessly and vehemently recite Surahs after another, in the most heartfelt recitations makes us wonder with awe and inspiration at the possibility of its existence. One after another Aali Qadr Maula TUS unfolds chapter after another of a book of miracles bound to materialize in this current era. Such is the magnificence of the current time.

Fortunate are we to live through and witness this accelerating pace of up gradation and upliftment of momineen at such a massive scale.  The current worldwide endeavour of Aali Qadr Maula TUS of fostership is a gigantic step towards this promise of up grading our brothers and sisters to ensure that we all collectively enjoy the equal amenities of life which are destined for us. It is a hands in hand effort for each one of us to eradicate all demarcations and come together to identify the areas where we collectively plan and strategize to take care of each other in a modus that none of us lags behind in any realm of life.

It is our wish of our Maula TUS to see each momin blossom and grow under the same sun, with equal opportunities of the land available to each one of us, to benefit equally from this soil which promises prosperity and success and to live comfortably in this life and then prepare wholeheartedly for our eternal abode.

Hence the entire momineen worldwide today have joined this cause, the entire mechanics and machinery of Dawat e Hadya remains alert and vigilant today, to those amongst us who need a hand to uplift them and bring them up to the level such that they themselves one day offer their facilitation to others. Such that they themselves become so empowered that they provide their services and expertise to others.

The world aims today of forming teams and aids cooperative networking for up gradation of skills for taking each member of the team along in their corporate cultures. Today we the Dawoodi Bohra Community are on the streets, in the alleys of the world with the lamp posts in our hands, acting as shepherds of our Maula TUS looking for those amongst us who need a spark of hope for the same prosperity that we all deserve and enjoy. Such is the auspicious vision of the community taught by our Maula TUS.


May Allah keep our Maula TUS, our eternal Shepherd, guiding us towards enlightenment and true modernization in health and prosperity ta qayamat. Ameen!

Amate Syedna TUS,



All in the name of Photography!




Thank you Asad Khan for keeping us updated and promising a wonderful experience everytime!

The above is a dedication to the entire TGIF team and especially to all my beloved students of Photography!

Celebrating love, food and beauty!