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Let’s read your story :)

Leave apart Puss in Boots, Jack and the Beanstalk and the Cinder Lady, when your child simply refuses to read a book even of his favourite Tom and Jerry cartoon; then just turn him into a character and write a book on him, with him; for him to read! As simple as that! He/ She will not only read but will simply cherish it.
Here is what I and Ali Asghar did today to ensure that he likes what he reads. So together we wrote about his experience of the day before and turned into a story for him to read. Here is how it goes:


Author’s name: Ali Asghar and Ali Asghar’s mom
Illustrated by: Ali Asghar and Ali Asghar’s mom

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Ali Asghar. He loved his nana. His nana’s name was Murtaza bhai. Nana always brought for Ali Asghar many gifts.

When nana came to Karachi this year, he brought with him 5 glue sticks, balloons, biscuits and marzipaan. Ali Asghar loves balloons.
Ali Asghar along with his nana, dadi, dada, papa and mummy went to Port Grand. There they saw many ships and Red Indians. There were also many bands playing music.
Nana and Ali Asghar sat in the train. The train took them near the jumping castle and then turned back. They stopped near the balloons and the bench where Ali Asghar’s dada and dadi were sitting. Ali Asghar had a lot of fun with his family.

Since he loves colouring pages, I made sure the clip art I used were black and white. He likes to call his nana Murtaza bhai and not only Murtaza. If you ever ask him his nana’s name he will tell you that. 

From the non-reader Ali Asghar; he took a complete U-Turn and in fact now wants me to type another story of him, for him to read. I gradually plan to increase the words and vocabulary to keep him interested in not only reading but also constructing his story for him.
Simply loving the new hype of story making!

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Little Political Brat!

Disciplining children is one of the toughest tasks. Especially when they have a lot of love around and are the youngest spoilt brats! Nevertheless they are lucky people.

Recently while threatening Ali Asghar on the amount of money he spends on all the junk like ice lollies, chewing gums and the junk-iest uncalled things which he terms his needs I told him, “This is all the money I have till Sunday. Now it’s your choice to spend them in two days, one day or 4 days. You manage yourself within it till Sunday.” To which he casually responded, “Well okay, what I will do is spend them all today and take everything I like as I won’t need anything after that.”

His grandmother already pained by the curfew the mother imposed on her darling grandson tried to explain further, to convince him not to spend all. She reminded him, “See if you spend them all, what about the ice lollies and ice creams and misc. things that you buy in the evening?” The response from AA again was very casual. He simply said, “Its okay dadi I won’t eat anything then till Sunday. If mummy won’t give, its okay; I won’t eat my ice creams till Sunday, I will think I don’t like them. Let it be…”

That little brat of mine with that simple, yet politically wise statement successfully did what he intended. The expression of concern and the words “Don’t worry my dear son Dadi is here” were written so clearly on my mother in law’s face that I couldn’t help laughing at the scenario. He simply knew that dadi couldn’t even bear to listen to this, impossible it would be to let him be deprived of the pleasure of ice creams till Sunday.

That wicked laugh !

That wicked laugh !

I was like seriously full marks for the emotional manipulation the 6 year old just made. What else could be done but to watch him with awe and ignore the politics he just played with mature adults!


An Open Letter to the Tea Drinkers of the World

Dear Tea Drinkers of the World,


Ok, well let’s come to the point. Now the thing is you guys drink tea as per your need, pleasure, fashion and a load of other etceteras. Although I am sure it doesn’t offer a towering list of health benefits but it is also evident that no one objects about it and in fact with the majority of the world on your side I don’t expect much opposition as well. You guys actually drink 3 to 4 cups of tea in a day especially the ones in the Asian sub continent. No one reminds you of the sugar, caffeine or any sort of abuse you do even if you drink it excessively. (until of course you have a medical reason)

So tell me what is my sin that I don’t like that tea of yours and I derive the same need, pleasure, relaxation and energy from my 250 ml of coke. Your media and you send all kinds of videos, posts and pictures which shows gruesome effects of my drink. Now see the issue is that Coke is to me what that heavenly Tea is to you so don’t you think it’s kinda rude to keep painting my already black drink blacker… I mean we also have some feelings… once, twice, thrice… fine, we got your reminders of the health concern you hold for me/us but then again and again you keep pushing, that’s not fair! It now has gone too far…


So please this is a humble request to all Tea drinkers and other caffeine lovers to just stop for a moment and think; what if we keep telling you your tea can kill cockroaches and lizards if we pour it on them and that research has proved it… would you stop drinking it? Or even deriving any less pleasure from that brimming cup of your tea?

So please it’s a request to let us be at peace and let us enjoy our caffeine as much as you do your saintly nevertheless caffeinated tea.

Sincerely Yours,

A Die Hard Coke Fan


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Our ‘Happy’ Days

O’ Dear Maula RA which part of today doesn’t reminisce for us the ever fresh memories of You…

Whether it is the calendar’s reminder of the 6th of March… or the16th of the month of Maulatena Fatema AS…
Or that its a Friday…


Happy are the days which gives us a reason to display your memory, a reason to share the pain, share the love; that we behold in our heart. Happy are the days which give us a reason to stop and stare back at the skies, to search for you within us, amongst us and around us.

Today is that ‘happy day’. Happy is the world and the one above. Happy are we momineen and happy must be today our Maula Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.

It is infact these days of happiness which has become our strengths to hold on, to move on and to take shelter in this incessant indifferent world. Cherished are these days of happiness, the memory that it brings and the immense blessings it showers.

May this day, this day of birth, the 16th of every month, the day of Friday and infact everyday continue to bring Maula Aali Qadr TUS days of happiness and health till the nights turn into days and days turn into nights. Ameen

Happy Birthday Dear Maula RA

Amate Syedna TUS,

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Aye Allah na Dai…

The moment we hear the tune of
“Aye Allah na Dai Nabi na piyaara…”
All we could do is stop- stop in our tracks- lose ourselves in the melody that rings our hearts-our souls… We do nothing, but just sway to the tune, reminiscing every lived moment of the Burhani era, the era whose fragrance shall never cease to exist till the end of time…

The rasa indeed takes us back in time, ignites a love so deep that it actually hurts, it hurts so much that the loss falls down as pearls of memory from our eyes. We feel helpless to the toils of time, yet so much sure of the presence and nazar of Maula Burhanuddin RA alive and eternal  amongst us- in our memories, in our lives, words and thoughts- so that the young along with the old manage to utter each word of the rasa with utmost passion; rekindling always the ever fresh presence of Burhanuddin Maula RA in our hearts…


“Kaisay Bholay Burhan ul Huda ko?
Yaad ati hai Ahle Wala ko…”

Amate Syedna TUS,

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For the Dear Teachers

Much is voiced and written about the system of schools and education in our society and usual it is to list down the negative aspects. However contrary to the notion, I today significantly want to emphasize the amount of hardwork and love the teachers shower on their students.

It is actually heartening to witness teachers and facilitators irrespective of their tiring working hours and the ‘ever controversial’ number of zeros at the end of their pay cheques aim to deliver better than the best. :)

It is said that the teaching field is dominated with women-then it is imperative to mention here with utmost confidence that it is this field only which has the least corruption in our country.

Teachers have given and are giving their hearts and souls to their work. Recently my son’s Grade 1 programme was a reflection of this sheer brilliance.  The programme was a blend of conventional classic story tales with the contemporary cartoon characters and fables that depicted sheer creativity and language control which the teachers were successfly able to communicate through their kids.


The stage, the set and the delivery of every dialogue told its own story of hard work and persistence.

Indeed, the students of today are fortunate enough to receive that much affection and attention from their teachers. The teachers today are not only syllabus and curriculum based but have gone a step further in identification of the multiple intelligences the child possesses.

Newsletters  every month, and pictures on the display boards certainly motivate the children for the better and their improvement.


AA with the puzzle he made :)


The entire Newsletter

This write up is a thumbs up to these diligent professionals who are set to shape up and carve beautifully the life of their beloved students.

Hat’s off to you all!


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Hierarchy: For a Higher Impact

A hierarchy-a chain of authority or an existence of accountability is essential for any organization to function with responsibility and focus. However as per the requirements and set up of various functional elements of an organization, the complexity of the hierarchy is maintained.  

A complex setup may require a longer chain of reporting and division of responsibilities while a simple one may be based on the basic elements with more empowerment based on teamwork. It is not necessary that a large organizational setup has a complex hierarchical framework. Henceforth it is not necessary for a small organizational setup to have a simpler hierarchical framework.  In fact to implement a simpler hierarchical framework in a large-growth oriented organization has become the most brilliant solution, a challenge to overall improvement and growth in any organization.

A lot of speech is made, and text is written on dynamism, teamwork, change and its management. However in comparison we have little proof of practicing what we preach. From a simple household to a complex governmental organization, inflexibility in the hierarchical tiers of management cause immense friction to the entire concept of inculcating dynamism, teamwork, change and growth in our setups.

The mindset is ingrained and cemented which is of the love of authority and short sighted goals rather than growth and improvement which is actually the only map towards success in the long run.

For actual development, co-ordination, co-operation, co-existence of common goals and a common vision/mission is essential. Today the management like the stitches of the modern times should be dissolvable. Instead of focusing on prominence, highlights and fame it should be focused on balance, performance, collective development, improvement and teamwork. Independence in task completion ‘was’ the strength; however interdependence ‘is’ the strength of the current era. We work together, struggle together, improve together and grow together. The art is to keep everyone along and motivated and that is exactly what the management should worry about.


Wondering while Wandering,




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