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 ‘Adding value’ or ‘add value’ or ‘value added’ are the most repetitively used words in all aspects of management sciences. In fact if we see it really holistically they form the crux, the basic question for every action or inaction of ours. Every little decision we make revolves around the adages of value addition. For e.g. the very basic of the decisions like waking up early or late, choosing to watch a TV program or reading a book or more important decisions like choosing a course to study; we are evaluating/calculating the value addition in each and everything, sometimes voluntarily while sometimes involuntarily.  We are programmed to think and evaluate whether a particular decision of ours will generate better results? Add value to us by upgrading  in terms of health, knowledge, welfare etc.? We do this all the time.

However the process doesn’t stop here. It could be more complex. At times there is a trade-off we have to make for every choice of ours. We have to compromise a thing or two for that particular value addition we desire. So keeping priorities in sight, we humans try to make the most intelligent decisions which maximize the event of value addition in that particular decision and a collection of other which inevitably shape and carve our lives.


However again if the same situation is given to different individuals and are told to maximize the value addition by taking the best possible route of action for certain desired results; the variability in results is inevitable.  People according to their own discretion, perspective, and comprehension perceive the situation different from the other even if we keep the variables of the situation constant for all individuals of the sample.

It is said that it is very complex to keep things simple and very simple to keep things complicated. Hence to make it short I would just like to add that the icing on the cake does appear pretty. The cake looks wonderful with its layers of immaculate decoration but is of little worth if the flavour fails to justify its look. So to really add value to it; it is wise do something about the mediocrity of the flavour of the cake rather than colouring it further!


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Celebrating with Tom & Jerry !

Tom and Jerry form an integral part of my memory whenever my childhood flashbacks. Summer afternoons spent enjoying my favourite episodes of the cartoon is something Zahra (my sister) and I would always look forward to.

Today I see Ali Asghar trying to sneak every moment he could, cherishing an episode of his likewise favorite; Tom & Jerry.

The cartoon remains to be a favorite of many for the clumsy cat with the smart mouse offers a unique combination of hilarity which truly none other offer.

Of all the bounties of Rajab ul Asab; Ali Asghar is one of them. Born on the 3rd of Rajab, we celebrated his birthday tonight with the same Tom & Jerry fervour all of us share!



AA and his beloved cousin Qasim

Loved every bit(e) of Tom & Jerry ;)

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Rajab ul Asab 1436

Indeed limited is the vision of the eye, for it can’t see beyond what it is shown. It cannot see through the apparent reality of this existence. It cannot see what the heart does. It cannot begin to imagine the power of vision the heart holds.

For the heart holds no restrictions. It travels through time and space. It reaches places and destinations which one only can wish for.

It is indeed with the heart that we truly see. It is the heart that guides us to and through the realities of the world. It is the heart that encapsulates the power of love so strong that it needs no aid to reach and no flight to return.

Tonight if we see the grandeur of Ali’s (AS) shrine, the alleys of Najaf e Ashraf, the Masjid and Mehrab of Kufa, the beloved Raudhat Tahera; then indeed it is not the power of sight in our eyes, it is the power of love in our hearts. It is the love that lightens our hearts and offers vision and sight so strong that distance and time become factors of little importance.

Amate Syedna TUS,

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16th of Jumadil Ukhra1436

Tonight-When I look up above; in the skies, wishing to see some signs of the heavens, some insignia of paradise; for that single heavenly glimpse of My Beloved Maula RA, I amongst the expanse of the wide infinite sky stop and ponder; I ponder over time, like the sky continuous, long and infinite. There amongst the dark sky I find my sign; the moon shining in its full glory and grace. The moon illuminating the paths for us in this dark gloomy night of the world. There I see my sign, there I see my hope, then is when I find peace and see My Maula RA watching me through his reflection, his true nazar of Maula Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.


Tonight the 16th mi raat of the month; momineen in infinite numbers around the globe are searching the skies, exploring the depths of the seas, the vastness of this earth, testing the limits of their thoughts to catch a glimpse, just one sight of their Maula RA which shall bring them satisfaction and peace which words barely could define.

Tonight the winds of paradise, the true heaven; The breeze of Raudhat Tahera envelopes the world and bringsforth endless barakaats and hasanaats to the momineen reminiscing this day and their Maula RA in every nook and corner of this world.

Tonight we wish; how we wish to be turned into birds and flock around the confines of Raudhat Tahera…

It is tonight that the world breathes the presence and the eternal presence of the memory of Maula Mohammad Burhanuddin RA in the world today and the endless moments and days to come.

May we continue to pay our respects to our beloved Maula RA ; every day, every Friday, every 16th of every month, every year till the world itself breathes its last.


Amate Syedna TUS,

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Reliving Childhood


“Stay a child while you can be a child”

We snickered gleefully when this day approached—those were the days of school. A time when I was in tight plaits and knobby knees. We would take delight in playing a prank or telling a far-fetched tale hoping to ensnare some innocent in our web. Then the cackles of mirth would follow while the hapless victim blushed until she too could dupe someone. April Fools Day!

How simple joys of childhood are! Today, when my daughter comes back from school she has a riddle she wants to try out on me and she’s impressed when I happen to know the answer. She has a joke she will share excitedly. And when I laugh she giggles gleefully. She loves to listen to my childhood escapades which I shared with my own sister and will press me time and again for a tale which will transport me to the days of yore.

She secretly writes lyrics from her tablet at night so that the next day she and her friends can sing along in chorus (something she resolutely denies)! When its five pm she will jump with excitement as a furor of doorbells jars us and her friends come to call her for an hour of play. It is the same child who comes back as the prayer call echoes and the sun sets, aggrieved at some nasty remark a pal has passed. And the next day she barely remembers it!

She is a young woman if it means dressing up for a wedding, more poised than her mom. Yet when its time for homework or tests, she promptly metamorphoses into a whining kid whom I have to remind is 9 years old.

Ah! Childhood! I miss it. And I am privileged to relive it through her!

“The soul is healed by being with children.”



Let’s read your story :)

Leave apart Puss in Boots, Jack and the Beanstalk and the Cinder Lady, when your child simply refuses to read a book even of his favourite Tom and Jerry cartoon; then just turn him into a character and write a book on him, with him; for him to read! As simple as that! He/ She will not only read but will simply cherish it.
Here is what I and Ali Asghar did today to ensure that he likes what he reads. So together we wrote about his experience of the day before and turned into a story for him to read. Here is how it goes:


Author’s name: Ali Asghar and Ali Asghar’s mom
Illustrated by: Ali Asghar and Ali Asghar’s mom

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Ali Asghar. He loved his nana. His nana’s name was Murtaza bhai. Nana always brought for Ali Asghar many gifts.

When nana came to Karachi this year, he brought with him 5 glue sticks, balloons, biscuits and marzipaan. Ali Asghar loves balloons.
Ali Asghar along with his nana, dadi, dada, papa and mummy went to Port Grand. There they saw many ships and Red Indians. There were also many bands playing music.
Nana and Ali Asghar sat in the train. The train took them near the jumping castle and then turned back. They stopped near the balloons and the bench where Ali Asghar’s dada and dadi were sitting. Ali Asghar had a lot of fun with his family.

Since he loves colouring pages, I made sure the clip art I used were black and white. He likes to call his nana Murtaza bhai and not only Murtaza. If you ever ask him his nana’s name he will tell you that. 

From the non-reader Ali Asghar; he took a complete U-Turn and in fact now wants me to type another story of him, for him to read. I gradually plan to increase the words and vocabulary to keep him interested in not only reading but also constructing his story for him.
Simply loving the new hype of story making!

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Little Political Brat!

Disciplining children is one of the toughest tasks. Especially when they have a lot of love around and are the youngest spoilt brats! Nevertheless they are lucky people.

Recently while threatening Ali Asghar on the amount of money he spends on all the junk like ice lollies, chewing gums and the junk-iest uncalled things which he terms his needs I told him, “This is all the money I have till Sunday. Now it’s your choice to spend them in two days, one day or 4 days. You manage yourself within it till Sunday.” To which he casually responded, “Well okay, what I will do is spend them all today and take everything I like as I won’t need anything after that.”

His grandmother already pained by the curfew the mother imposed on her darling grandson tried to explain further, to convince him not to spend all. She reminded him, “See if you spend them all, what about the ice lollies and ice creams and misc. things that you buy in the evening?” The response from AA again was very casual. He simply said, “Its okay dadi I won’t eat anything then till Sunday. If mummy won’t give, its okay; I won’t eat my ice creams till Sunday, I will think I don’t like them. Let it be…”

That little brat of mine with that simple, yet politically wise statement successfully did what he intended. The expression of concern and the words “Don’t worry my dear son Dadi is here” were written so clearly on my mother in law’s face that I couldn’t help laughing at the scenario. He simply knew that dadi couldn’t even bear to listen to this, impossible it would be to let him be deprived of the pleasure of ice creams till Sunday.

That wicked laugh !

That wicked laugh !

I was like seriously full marks for the emotional manipulation the 6 year old just made. What else could be done but to watch him with awe and ignore the politics he just played with mature adults!


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