16th Zilhijjatil Haram 1437

One of the greatest gifts the momineen of our time received is the witness of Husaini Noor on the Chehra Mubarak of Burhanuddin Maula RA. It was a fortune which now seems like a victory of our lifetimes, an award of such significance that it’s worth cannot ever deplete. The ability to have had witnessed Maula TUS shedding limitless tears and performing buka and matam of Imam Husain SA with a valor and agony such that even the angels in the sky would lament and grieve with Him RA, is in fact a blessing beyond our comprehension.

These treasures are today a source of pride for us. Today when Aali Qadr Maula TUS reminds us of the memory of Maula RA on takht e imami performing buka and matam, there is no eye left that recalls the memory devoid of pain and tears. The existence of Burhanuddin Maula RA was actually the living presence of Zikr e Husain and today even though we miss the physical presence of Maula RA, the memory of Maula RA and his ultimate love for Imam Husain SA exists today in the presence of his only and true successor Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS. 

This year Azhar e Nauhe wal Aweel is the call of Maula TUS and the farmaan is being carried out in every nook and corner of the world wherever the momineen reside. The global community of momineen is chanting in unison to the call of Maula TUS, ” Labbaik ya Husain SA, Labbaik ya Dai e Allah” Indeed this was what Burhanuddin Maula RA envisioned for his beloved momineen and prepared us to today fervently answer to this profound obligation that rests on each momin-young or old.

Aali Qadr Maula TUS aims to prepare each one of us for the final journey towards our heavenly abode. It is the sorrow and grief expressed by writhing and wailing on Husain SA that we can aim to achieve our final ambition in the world and hereafter.

With a lifetime spent on Zikr e Husain SA, the name of Burhanuddin Maula RA is soaked within the blood of Karbala. There is not a recitation of the martyrdom of Husain SA which doesn’t take us back to the memory of the 52nd Dai RA, relating the events of Karbala in deep pain and anguish.

May Allah keep Maula Aali Qadr TUS who time and again reveals to us the treasures bestowed by Burhanuddin Maula RA, which was and is and shall always remain beyond our vision, safe, healthy and prosperous till the name of Husain exists in the world.

Amate Syedna TUS,


16th of Zilqadatil Haram 1437:

The significance of the 16th of every month requires no elaboration. Requires no elaboration the lofty and generous nazaraats that Burhanuddin Maula RA  bestowed to the momineen of Pakistan. It was and is an indisputable fact.

Burhanuddin Maula RA in His lifetime with his innumerable visits and generosity proved to the momineen of Pakistan that we were only separated by the distance of demographics but our proximity to His RA heart was unmatchable-inseperable.

Tonight what evidence the momineen of Pakistan seek further, for it is indeed Divine graciousness and generosity that Aali Qadr Maula TUS selects the 16th of the month for His TUS visit to the land of Pakistan. Indeed our bounties, our blessings and our fortunes shine tonight like bright stars that illuminate the sky on the eve of the 16th of every month. Tonight these stars shall shine brighter, beaming and glittering with joy, in celebration of the True Star TUS of Imam uz Zaman who shall shine tomorrow in this fortunate land of Pakistan. InshAllah!

May Allah keep the Mansoos of Burhanuddin Maula; the Dai who affirms and and reconfirms the presence of Burhanuddin Maula RA and aims to multiply it manifolds, in health and prosperity till the day the name of Husain AS remains in the world. Ameen!

Amate Syedna TUS,



The building is palatial, supremely structured. The premises are cordoned by immaculately manicured lawns. I mount the gleaming marble steps and take off  my shoes. I step through the door and my foot sinks into a plush carpeted floor.

The interior is dark. The walls are filled with photographs and wooden plaques. Even though the mounted images tug at me, I move forward hurriedly. On my left yawns a huge opening. I step inside.

Like a planetarium the room is domed with a sky light. Flooded with strategically placed lights, the rooms comes alive with pictures of the person I love the most. My eyes flutter in each direction–there is so much to see and drink in. Yet, I move forward.

There on a stand, is the object of my attention. The reason I am here. Under the illumination lie a pair of tan leather slippers. I touch my forehead to the slippers. My eyes fill with tears.

These were worn by feet which have lead us for decades.

These were worn by feet which revamped our destinies.

These were worn by feet for whom we yearned to be the sand beneath.

These were worn by feet which we followed, never to go astray.

These were worn by feet which will lead us to Heaven.

In the sanctuary of Maaraz al Burhani, flanking the Jamea Auditorium, lie the jooti mubarak of Hayyul Muqaddas Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA.

It is a sanctuary for broken hearts, for shaken souls. For the suffering and the destitute. For you and me.

“Are these Maula’s slippers?” my 3-year old daughter asks me as we leave.

I nod.

“Is Maula RA upstairs?” she persists.

I glance up at the huge kaleidoscope of pictures of Burhanuddin Maula RA riding a carriage down Marine Drive on the occasion of the 100th Milad.

“Yes,” I whisper.


Amate Syedna TUS



16th Shawwal Mukarram 1437


Let us light today another candle,
Day by day, month by month, year after another…

Let us unite today for the remembrance of our Maula RA whose name shall remain fresh and young till the end of time

Let us recollect and cherish the innumerable blessings and immeasurable grace gifted to us and the mankind

Let us seek Him, for just one more sight, and look for the moon today in the darkness of this night

Let us see amongst the clouds, the moon that shines bright reminding us of His advice

Let us promise to lament and grieve over Husain SA today and everyday for the rest of our lives…

Amate Syedna TUS,


16th of Shehrullah il Moazzam 1437


Tide after another, seasons change, birth and demise; Life-its pattern ceaselessly the same- Yet novel is every pain, each blessing, suffering and then that ray of hope…

Destined this time was and it must be… Weeks, months and years elapsed, yet when our hands on our heart, the wound breathes an ache so fresh as if it had stopped there, frozen and still, living the memory over and over again…

Unexplained remains the feeling, unexplained this love and longing,
Fresh tears, fresh emotions and fresh pain… Every month this day; just a tradition…While our heart beat every second your name…

Amate Syedna TUS,

aprendi a vivir sin ti…

Pensive I sit on the grey carpet next to the wooden desk of my empty classroom in 11 O Levels. Three tables and three chairs; that’s it, that’s the only material presence that mattered in my class, for they were occupied by my lovely three children who I hesitate to now call ONLY my students.

They all were my children; dwellers of my mind and heart. Hussain, Ruqaiya and Alefiya; the three aces to my heart. The trio whose history I can trace back with me to 2006 when I first taught them in Standard II and then in the final year 2016; I had the same privilege. I sit here reminiscing all the wonderful moments from childhood to their teenage I spent with them. These three kids share a unique bond with me. A bond which makes me long to see them, teach them, counsel and mentor all over again…

Hours I have spent after they left, in this sometimes lit and sometimes unlit class room; visualizing them as laughing, working and even speaking to me….

Fortunately I have two dwellings these days amongst which I lavishly keep switching. 10th O levels is another room that I seem to own. Look for me and you will find me sitting on Tayeb’s chair; second last in the row,  sometimes on the floor, sometimes near the door where I could see Alifiya passing her silver smile to me. At times I would see Khadija nodding her head with a meaningful friendly gesture of hers while Naqiya couldn’t and in fact wouldn’t  wait to express her mind.🙂

On the King’s throne, Mustafa would sit, eyes glittering with mischief and language empowered with wit. It was Carbide who offered a few good advices, yet the fight always was on the language of his choice!

While on the front sat the principal’s son; rattling, smirking and commenting his way through the class was followed by Burhanuddin; who worked hard but only at his own stance🙂

Adnan; the poet, would speak less often, while Baqir would make sure he compensates strongly for this lacking. Zainab and Ms Saintmarry’s thoughtful remarks would lit up the class while Sakina’s presence added the right spark!

A leader amongst us (Rashida oops!) Husaina she was, I could hear her speaking today amongst these empty walls. Creative and daring Mufaddal would be, fearlessly he would communicate his thoughts freely.


I live thesedays amongst these empty walls, playing with the dust from those unused chairs and empty halls. I miss each one of you dearly my children. My children were you and forever you shall remain. Its hard to believe you are gone, however my prayers for you shall remain lifelong.

Always wishing for you the best of the best,

Travelogue Singapore:

Although it only seemed seven days, yet I knew inside that each day would stretch itself to accommodate every hour, and each hour will ensure that each minute counts in the only seemingly traditional 24 hour clock. I know this and am saying this with experience, the clock moves with a different pace in different parts of the world. It’s fixated nature and absoluteness is a hallucination! That’s exactly how I feel whenever I travel. I am generally a very home loving person and enjoy the shelter of being cocooned in my territory, enjoying my space, ensuring everything within my range, all activities controlled and of course peace.

Not that I don’t enjoy travelling, in fact I actually do, and am very curious about the world around. However it does come with a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. But I guess the feeling of no longer having charge of my days and nights, not having any schedule to follow and of course the fear of depriving myself controlled peace does give me a measurable amount of anxiety.

Nevertheless despite all odds, relying on the evens; we (me, my husband and my son) set to our voyage of seven days to Singapore. Taking connecting flights via Bangkok we reached the magical Sentosa Islands excited and anticipative. Sentosa Islands is the main attraction of Singapore and covers the entire glam and fame of the animated, fantastical version of the television and the cinema.

So we reached The Sentosa Islands, unpacked, and went straight to the sea aquarium. The splendour of the aquarium, the world of fish, the variety, the species, and the magnificent setting was a pleasure for the eyes, especially the giant tunnel through which one feels actually a part of the deep blue sea.

Now fate hasn’t always been as simple and straight especially in my case. I may not be a great fan of a roller coaster ride, but honestly for that part; life doesn’t really care and keeps on testing my limits and keeps on pushing me further. The day would have ended on a smooth note had I not started feeling the sharp irritation in my throat by the night. I could feel the prick and pain. So here I was the first day fallen severely ill due to a sore throat. I had a fever of 102 throughout the night and that was just the beginning…

The next day relying on a few mild doses that I had fortunately decided to carry in my bag at the nick of time, we went to the much hyped about Universal Studios. Known as the kingdom of fantasy, glamour and entertainment, Universal Studios lived up to its name. From the streets of Hollywood, the castle of Shrek, the classic Jurassic Park and the contemporary Minions, Universal Studios covered the universe of characters, animation and excitement. The theme park was a massive setup and every detail painstakingly covered.

Nevertheless the usual traffic of people on the rides and long queues took a great deal of toll on my health and I could feel the temperature of my body constantly rising. I seemed to be in a dilemma all the time. On one hand I never felt like missing on the fun and excitement while on the other hand my illness sapped me off all my energy. The same thing repeated in the water park the following day. Bouts of vomiting, food aversion and extreme pain in my throat played havoc to my mood of vacations.

We explored the city the last two days and found not only Sentosa Islands very beautifully landscaped but also the entire Singapore very attractive, green and progressive. From the malls to simple walkways, the city was kept prim and proper. One would hardly see even an idle piece of paper lying on the floor. It was remarkable how the people along with the government of Singapore have jointly collaborated to maintain their country so immaculately and perfectly. From discipline to education, manners to the rights of people, there was a lot to learn there and this I did as much as I could in my 7 day trip to Singapore.

Some pictures I took:





I love this click of mine








Treasuring moments,

Everyday is Mother’s Day…

Never in a month, not even in a day;

Never in a moment, no matter come what may;

My lips utter your name as my head lay,

On the very mat where I always pray

Wonder I always, and I must say;

Your name is what makes me live my EVERYDAY…



Amate Syedna TUS,

16th of Rajab ul Asab 1437

We all leave footprints behind. Some foot prints we are proud to own while others we wish to erase. Our footprints represent the life in us, the decisions we take and the choices we make.

Then there are those who accompany us in our journey. Some leave us while others replace us. It is a continuous process. There are innumerable steps that we take, countless ones that we leave behind, all in this seemingly endless journey called; Life.

Memories are like our footprints. We leave our prints on others, while there are moments others leave them on us. Some fresh, some old, some last with us for a lifetime while some merely a few hours.

But what happens when a memory becomes the reason for every step we take? When every print we leave behind freshens up the life of our call? When the sun, the moon, the stars and the nature seem to nourish it and strengthen it with each passing day…

When our memory becomes like the walk towards the sun, every day we try to reach it, while each day we only think we are much closer. Yet life seems too short, the life of the memory too wide and when it seems like a task insurmountable; we lay in the joy of it, not leaving behind a day, a print, a moment in which our memory doesn’t get stronger.

Thinking of You Maula RA shall we end our prints on these sands of time…
Each day Your memories stronger, Your thoughts in us fresher…

Amate Syedna TUS,