The young soldiers of Maula TUS

Beaming with pride I greeted each one of them, some in uniform, some in civil clothes, donned smartly with badges, cards symbolizing the duty they perform. 

Tanned and baked in the sun, standing for monotonous long hours, sweating profusely yet displaying no expressions of fatigue or exhaustion in the khidmat of Dai’ uz Zaman TUS, such is the khidmat  being performed by my beloved students of Al Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah.

There is absolutely nothing more a teacher can ask of their pupils than to remain righteous and opt the path which leads them there. These students not only are enroute that dignified journey but are offering assistance to the ones aiming for it.

Hence today their teacher is humbled and at the same time envious of her own fate to be blessed with students whom she loved them as her own, took care of them more than her own, and to see them perform such auspicious khidmat relentlessly without a slight hint of irritation is highly rewarding.

I salute today each of my young soldiers, the young members of this noble army of Maula TUS for their staunch, colossal faiths and their willingness to spend themselves in the Khidmat of Aqa Maula TUS. May Allah bless each one of them strength, health, vision and ambition to do so for the rest of their lives and may Allah bless Maula Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS a long, healthy life ta qayamat. 

Amate Syedna TUS,



Deedar Sharaf: Karachi, 1438

The moments flash by, those memories revive,

When the black lustred vehicle, well lit from inside,

Escorted by a protocol, of policemen and angels divine,

All at thy service surrounded by the crowd of momineen

So close behind your car yesterday I was to be seen,

And then my eyes were blessed, showered by all means,

As I bent down to see,  through that spotless glassed window

It was the same heavenly glimpse, the radiance unseen

But when I looked beside You, I recalled that scene…

Back in 2012, in Mumbai I had been

On a platform up high I waited for the same scene

For a vision, a glimpse, a glance of Yours 

On the night of Urus of Maula Taher Saifuddin RA

The same protocol dashed by, the angels at your guard

However I realized with an ache the difference this time

Your companion, Your Father RA was then by your side…

Lone you were seated today…


Only to the eye!

The vision of Burhanuddin RA reflects in every gesture of Yours

Every glance is His RA, Every memory stays alive…

Not unaccompanied were you then and neither are you now

Burhanuddin RA was then and even today by Your TUS side…

Amate Syedna TUS,


Surprise Surprise!

“It must have been some kind of misunderstanding” I murmured to myself. That invitation card is either a bad joke or another level sarcasm which I apprehended by all means. Being a back broken mother, running after a child who is so unwilling to contribute to academics, this particular invitation card by his school in a gathering of high achievers seemed to be (with sincere apologies) a prank played on me. For two days I ignored it and left it unquestioned on my bedside table. 

Finally on Friday, I shopped as per requirements of the event a new uniform and decided to just face the music the next day. However Ali Asghar remained upbeat and kept repeating the same tale of how he will be crowned as the only king of his class, which made things obviously very digestable for me, yet I just heard him speak and unleash his whatever creative daydreams he had.

Finally as I entered the premises of The Indus Academy, as usual hiding my anxiety behind my dark glasses, I was taken aback by the lavish welcome by the prefects of the school, lined neatly along the red carpet. I made my way to the enclosure where the rest of the parents were seated and conscious of some familiar faces which included both the principals, who I got to meet a lot during the past year due to my son’s obvious popularity. ( to put it extremely optimistically)  

Fortunately it wasn’t long when the awards for Class 3 were announced and keeping my fingers crossed, I waited for my turn. I could see Ali Asghar lined up, but what I still was wondering was, “for what?”

& then finally I heard the host speak, ” The award for the most improved performance goes to Ali Asghar Husain ” and that did it! With my phone in my hand, I fumbled with my camera and frantically made a dozen click in his direction. Whether I was excited or relieved, I couldn’t yet figure it out but one thing is certain, there couldn’t be a better 12th anniversary celebration than today! 

Thank you, The Indus Academy!

Celebrating good times! 


Yusufi Masjid: Karachi, 1438

It was a typical Karachi weather, the real feel ranged around 36°. The moment I pulled the door shut behind me, I could feel the beads of prespiration form on my forehead. I am sure it wasn’t just the weather but also the anticipation of what laid ahead of me.

What was not typical of today was that this particular walk towards my beloved Yusufi Complex was not a routine prayers ritual, it was to be a unique extraordinary experience, an experience promising nothing that the world could offer,  as the worth of what I was to receive was something which would indeed make the angels envious of my fate. 

Like bees buzzing around honey, momineen flocked the Yusufi Masjid from all four corners, trying to win some space in the material world, but actually trying to make a trade invaluable with the world beyond. 

I hid my excitement behind my dark glasses hopping my way through the courtyard to the stairs of the Yusufi Masjid where skipping steps I reached the 1st floor accommodating myself just behind the rails across the Qibla offering a picturesque sight of the Masjid below. 

Countless blessings, varying from a perfect place of view to deedar and namaz with Maula TUS was offered on this auspicious Friday of Zilhaj. With Ashara Mubaraka just around the corner, Maula TUS blessed us with the barakaat of duas so that we may shed tears and perform Nauhe wal Aweel on the martyrdom of the grand son of Rasul Allah SAW: the Martyr of all Martyrs: Imam Husain SA.

May Allah bless the Dai’ of Husain SA, an eternal life full of health and prosperity in the khidmat of Imam uz Zaman SA.

Amate Syedna TUS,


Al Nadil Burhani: Karachi, 1438

Dodging an ozone of bikes, rickshaws, buses, cars, carts and of course a tide of people, I paced faster trying to match the pace of my heart which seemed to jump off my rib cage any moment!

“Wait Zainab!” I would hear Maria crying my name from a distance. To which all I could manage was, ” Hurry Up! Hurry Up” moving ceaselessly, while my pardi flew 90 degrees opposite and the rest of the rida somehow managed on its own. 

I could hear the Azaan n while I feverishly darted towards Al Nadil Burhani, I could hear the blaring sound of sirens, and a motorcade that followed. I didn’t want to celebrate my wishes as yet till I looked back and witnessed the miracle unfold before my eyes…

Transfixed I viewed the majestical sight, the king seated in all His glory, while the motorcade just came to a halt and that’s when I stopped, that was one stop I made which made me jump a zillion light years in a moment! While Maula TUS lifted His hand for salami, I watched each dream of mine materialize before me as I stood alone, bewildered and stunned by the magnanimity of His profile, sharing the view exclusively to myself… an eternal load was being lifted off me, Maula’ s glimpse on me seem to lift me to the skies…

Amate Syedna TUS,


Ashara 1439: Karachi, Pakistan

There must not be any prize for guessing this one. The frenzy in Masjid before the news was announced was enough to give away what each one of us aspired to hear… It was just around 12 pm (PST) when our thirst of not days, months, years but decades was quenched. The momineen already on their phones, excitedly confirmed the news with their families, friends and ofcourse from Mumbai, all the while receiving lavish compliments in return.

For days now momineen of Pakistan were awaiting the much anticipated news for Fasal Mubarak of Ashara Mubarak 1439 and finally the day of Eid e Ghadeer truly turned out as a monumental Eid Day for which the happiness and joy of momineen of Pakistan became impossible to measure…



Amate Syedna TUS,


16th Zilhijjatil Haram, 1438

The sight of Burhanuddin Maula RA brings about tears in the eyes of even the most stone hearted. Truly when Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS stated that if you face any difficulty in shedding tears over Imam Husain SA, just bring in front of you the sight of the Aashiq e Husain: Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA, recall his sorrow and grief over the tragedy of Karbala and in no time, you will be overtaken by grief and tears of mourning. 

What more is an evidence, a true gift, an exemplary example of sacrifice and love for Husain SA, when the sight of whom becomes a source of incessant tears, extreme sorrow and pain felt on the event of Karbala? It is indeed the hardest of the times when we beg to ALLAH for at least a single tear that shall promise heavens unimaginable… Yet, Maula RA comes for our rescue, his sight so balming, so loving, so kind, gently aids us in shedding countless tears for the heart wrenching tragedy of Karbala…

Such was our Maula, his profile, his life story, history, the present and so much more in the future…

The tears shed by Aqa Burhanuddin Maula RA, his sorrow and grief for Husain SA is immortal and the world shall remain witness to it for eternity.

Amate Syedna TUS,


A Little Shelf in Heaven

shelf 2

I have a little shelf in heaven where I pile up all my dreams and desires.

Carefully they are piled.

Neatly they are labelled.

Every day the mound on the shelf rises. And the shelf continues to support it.

No matter how trivial the want, now matter how big the dream; the pile continues to grow; the shelf continues to hold.

Many a times I forget the dream, the whispered prayer, but my shelf remembers.

Many a times I revise the desire or amend it, and my shelf complies.

Many a times, I want what is on that shelf now–right now! But the shelf is adamant.

“No,” it says calmly. “Wait.”

“I will give you all these whispered pleas and silent wishes. I will hand you all your private wants and secret dreams. I will give you  everything you asked for and multiply it beyond your wildest dreams. I will hand you so much that you will wish you had made more wishes. I will bestow you such that you will regret receiving anything in the world. I will give it all. Each wish, every prayer, each plea, every dream.

But not in this world. For your shelf is a shelf in Heaven.”

Amate Syedna TUS


The Magic of Elocution


The sounds of Robert Frost’s legendary words drifted over me, pulling me into their depth, reminding me’two roads diverging’ and ‘having miles to go before I sleep’. Wordsworth’s vow of memories ‘flashing upon the inward eye’ swept me away. Shakespeare’s warning of a ‘sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything time’ gave me goose bumps.

It was the first elocution of the year and the students at BHS in their voices shaking with anticipation, laced with fear, yet, resounding with determination, entranced me.

I have participated in elocutions ever since I was but a scrawny 6 year old reciting ‘Why’ in the Grade 1 elocution at Mama Parsi. This tradition was one I tried to continue at MSB in my 13 years there and have endeavoured to do so this time too at BHS.

The result is the same: the profoundly wise and revolutionary words of sagacious poets in the passionate, yet, innocent accents of the youth is an intoxicating combination. The confidence of the students, their ability to brings these age-old words to life, their valour at facing an audience of teachers and (worse) friends, shapes not just memories but characters.

What is it about poetry that makes one wish that time would stop and one could remain listening rapturously to these verses with perfect rhyme and magical rhythm? Words which encompass the past yet remain so true for the present. Words that are timeless.

The first round ended with the students making a clamour to ensure that they would get to participate in the second round.

Hoping for many more such events to expose the children to opportunities which will thrill them as well as unearth the limitless potential they possess.

Amate Syedna TUS


An Immortal Legacy



Today saw the birth of a Maula who painstakingly sowed the seeds of the splendour we behold today. Today is the day when the Saviour of Dawat opened his eyes and at an age, young and fragile, of just 28 he acceded the throne of Duaat Mutleqeen and brought to the realm fresh blood and the vigour to debate.

With the pen as his sword, with his intellect as his spear, with his vision as his beacon, he forged forth in the dark of the night to vanquish and oust the enemy hidden within and outside the community.

He faced the courts, accusations and conspiracies harsh and untrue, so that Dawat may hold its head up high.

He composed literature to frame swaying minds; poems to glean hollow souls with his pen giving voice to his bleeding  yet passionate heart.

He interacted with the commons to infuse them with spirituality divine; he invited students to Asbaaqs not only to preach lovingly but also listen to their woes, their confusions and their dreams. He slept not so that we may be at peace, so our generations may flourish and succeed.

Tahir Saifuddin Maula TUS you are the one we turn to even today. You have always picked me up when I have stumbled, you have given me courage when all seemed lost. You have made dread flee and fill hope in its space.

Had I been born earlier, I may have chanced to see, your splendour, your strength, your grace and humility. I have seen your splendour and grace shine from within the smile of Burhanuddin Maula RA and today from the all-seeing eyes of Mufaddal Maula I glimpse your strength and humility.

You live today too Saifuddin Maula RA for your legacy is immortal; the essence and impact of your deeds and works dating beyond the realm of time.

Amate Syedna Saifuddin TUS