20th Rabiul Akhir 1437


IF only I could, I would wait no more;

No more would I care, for all that I should

Fly off and away, or walk my way through

To the land of my Beloved, I wouldn’t rest till I do


Pain couldn’t deter, try it may come

My wait has been long and longing too strong

This distance, this separation, cuts through my heart

Difficult it is now, to remain far apart


Neither of heavens or the gardens unseen

I seek not them but a sight of Thee RA

I live my life, feeling its weight on me

That moment, that day, I can’t wait to see


Tears of joy or longing were they

Moment by moment, every part of today

We saw You RA in Him TUS and cherished the day

On the Milad of YOURS, You didn’t seem far away

Amate Syedna TUS,

16th Rabi ul Akhir 1437


An ocean of feelings from the depth of my heart,
Waves of memories, ceaseless, yet unique everytime
Sunk in grief, or sailing in remembrance
These are the times, we can’t seem to decide

Diving in this ocean, soaked in love
All I know we know not much
neither of your grace, nor your love
Unexplored remain the seas; the blessings were such

16th of every month, together we unite
recollect some pearls, cherish treasures of this life,
Gems so rare; brighter than silver, purer than gold;
Showered were they, indeed in Your time

The waves of fortune never stopped all this while,
The sails of our boat never left The Guide
The Guide is Yours, same of Your kind
Showing us the treasures You left for us behind…

Amate Syedna TUS,




Don’t go by my size, look at my life

Green and fresh, young and keen

Little I seem, yet big are my dreams

Feeding on the earth, water helps me shine

Natural is my make & nature divine


In the depth of my heart; lie the waves of the sea…


Walking across the shores, leaving behind the world,
each step on the sand leave behind prints of the foot;
but fades away too soon, yet only on the sand…

Living in the moment, relishing every sight,
sinking in the love; of this heavenly delight
The ceasless waves, the glitter of the sun,
the unity of the seagulls, the wet, cold sand

Man oh man! man so great, all this pride that you seem to take,
The world is yours, for you rule it on your tips
Yet the nail of your finger, you still cant make;
Of all the things you are, You are yourself this Allah’s grace


16th Rabi ul Awwal 1437


The light that blinds my vision
A magnificance, unseen
A remembrance impossible to word
A sight to behold, an image to capture;
Of limitless grace, of boundless mercy

Time and distance, all great barriers
Life and death, the two sides of the coin
Unmeetable, parallel, unmatched,
Yet facts no longer facts
The world indeed, a deception

The life of the memory, stronger each day
Defying the hands of time; deep marks remain afresh
Wounds, ceaselessly bleeding; all blood of love
Like young, fresh flowers of The Tomb

With a promise of a lifetime spent with You
Though far from the eyes, yet closer to the heart
Death didn’t take You away,
Life couldn’t and wouldn’t cheat that way,
We found You in both,
In life and then after that…

Amate Syedna TUS,

Amongst them…

Amongst the thorns lie the beauty of the flowers,
Amongst the dark does the bright glow,
Amongst the night the glory of the moon magnify,
Amongst the sinful the virtuous lies…
Amongst the dead my life shines
Amongst the demons the angels thrive…


Yes I took this one! :)

For my beloved children, the enthusiast writers, photographers and poets! You inspire me :)


12th Rabi-ul-Awwal 1437

I never knew a blink could feel burdensome to the moments that lay in front of me.

I never knew that one could really feel amongst the skies; afloat, disconnected to the material world.

It never felt that the light of the noor could mesmerize one‘s body and soul so entirely & so completely that a moment of distraction could cause pain to it, an irritation to its reverie, to its fascination and indeed a disturbance to the miracle of the moment…


& then I do ask myself, “Am I on the earth or amongst the people of the skies?”


Amate Syedna TUS,



Descriptive Photography


Darkened by the moon-less night,
Chilled with the weather…
The water of the seas,
Never ceases to mould to its vessels…

Inspiration: My Young Photographers who take exceptional pictures and offer beautiful vivid descriptions. This one is for all of you!


In an Idea…

And then the idea of terrorism originated…, before that man never thought of using the kalashnikov for mass massacre of hundreds of innocent lives. In fact for that matter; lies, cheat, deception and even defiance never existed till it was the thought that took the precedence. Its always just a thought, its a mere thought that breathes life and turns the foreign entity into a real living reality.

Enveloped in a world full of evils of all kinds, we are crowded by the villains of goodness and purity. Meanwhile in these times when a snapshot can spread the message faster than a brain can comprehend, we really need to check what we send, edit, forward and collect. Sometimes a simple forwarded text can cause a damage of such irreparable nature whose repurcussions become hard to imagine.

What triggered today this thought was when I received a forward which showed the following:


Now we all know papers like these are time and again witnessed on social mediums. This has become such a cheap form of entertainment that students voluntarily indulge in this act just to grab some negative attention. Hence to establish the fact again that the damage started building up the moment the idea was floated in the form of the first snapshot that went viral, that one idea that planted the seeds of silly self harming humor and even then if it seemed literally funny then also it was interpreted by different minds differently till it become a norm to submit such remarks on such questions.

Apparently it does sound very trivial but if the concept is taken, it leads you to trace back everything originated, to its idea. Indeed an idea, a thought is what makes all the difference and shall keep on doing so.

So as to ask ourselves; do we need to tame our actions first or it is the thoughts that require a rein, or is it the combination of both?

Editing ideas,

That Moment of Victory!

“Make sure you wear proper shoes as you will be participating too! Today we shall bring home two medals; one will be mine and the other yours!” I wished I really did listen to him, as he kept his promise and by the end of the day wore his prize proudly around his neck…



I don’t know whether he really did pray for today or not but he mentioned to me after the race; “When I saw I might be left behind, I quickly prayed Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem and thats why mummy I won the race” Indeed he did win his race because of Bismillah and in fact I did win my race because of his faith in Bismillah.

These moments of my pride in my boy magnified with his thoughts, his faith and the determination he held in his heart. The will and zeal to win more and improve was so hearfelt that for a moment I thought such is the attraction of glory, the magnetism of victory and the feelings invigorated by genuine appreciation. It is indeed addictive and extremely motivating…
He must have repeated to me 15 times tonight:
“I will win 2 medals next time!”

May you always remain victorious my son in every event, endeavor and ambition in your life. I shall remain proud always!

Your Proud Mummy,