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Aye Allah na Dai…

The moment we hear the tune of
“Aye Allah na Dai Nabi na piyaara…”
All we could do is stop- stop in our tracks- lose ourselves in the melody that rings our hearts-our souls… We do nothing, but just sway to the tune, reminiscing every lived moment of the Burhani era, the era whose fragrance shall never cease to exist till the end of time…

The rasa indeed takes us back in time, ignites a love so deep that it actually hurts, it hurts so much that the loss falls down as pearls of memory from our eyes. We feel helpless to the toils of time, yet so much sure of the presence and nazar of Maula Burhanuddin RA alive and eternal  amongst us- in our memories, in our lives, words and thoughts- so that the young along with the old manage to utter each word of the rasa with utmost passion; rekindling always the ever fresh presence of Burhanuddin Maula RA in our hearts…


“Kaisay Bholay Burhan ul Huda ko?
Yaad ati hai Ahle Wala ko…”

Amate Syedna TUS,

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For the Dear Teachers

Much is voiced and written about the system of schools and education in our society and usual it is to list down the negative aspects. However contrary to the notion, I today significantly want to emphasize the amount of hardwork and love the teachers shower on their students.

It is actually heartening to witness teachers and facilitators irrespective of their tiring working hours and the ‘ever controversial’ number of zeros at the end of their pay cheques aim to deliver better than the best. :)

It is said that the teaching field is dominated with women-then it is imperative to mention here with utmost confidence that it is this field only which has the least corruption in our country.

Teachers have given and are giving their hearts and souls to their work. Recently my son’s Grade 1 programme was a reflection of this sheer brilliance.  The programme was a blend of conventional classic story tales with the contemporary cartoon characters and fables that depicted sheer creativity and language control which the teachers were successfly able to communicate through their kids.


The stage, the set and the delivery of every dialogue told its own story of hard work and persistence.

Indeed, the students of today are fortunate enough to receive that much affection and attention from their teachers. The teachers today are not only syllabus and curriculum based but have gone a step further in identification of the multiple intelligences the child possesses.

Newsletters  every month, and pictures on the display boards certainly motivate the children for the better and their improvement.


AA with the puzzle he made :)


The entire Newsletter

This write up is a thumbs up to these diligent professionals who are set to shape up and carve beautifully the life of their beloved students.

Hat’s off to you all!


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Hierarchy: For a Higher Impact

A hierarchy-a chain of authority or an existence of accountability is essential for any organization to function with responsibility and focus. However as per the requirements and set up of various functional elements of an organization, the complexity of the hierarchy is maintained.  

A complex setup may require a longer chain of reporting and division of responsibilities while a simple one may be based on the basic elements with more empowerment based on teamwork. It is not necessary that a large organizational setup has a complex hierarchical framework. Henceforth it is not necessary for a small organizational setup to have a simpler hierarchical framework.  In fact to implement a simpler hierarchical framework in a large-growth oriented organization has become the most brilliant solution, a challenge to overall improvement and growth in any organization.

A lot of speech is made, and text is written on dynamism, teamwork, change and its management. However in comparison we have little proof of practicing what we preach. From a simple household to a complex governmental organization, inflexibility in the hierarchical tiers of management cause immense friction to the entire concept of inculcating dynamism, teamwork, change and growth in our setups.

The mindset is ingrained and cemented which is of the love of authority and short sighted goals rather than growth and improvement which is actually the only map towards success in the long run.

For actual development, co-ordination, co-operation, co-existence of common goals and a common vision/mission is essential. Today the management like the stitches of the modern times should be dissolvable. Instead of focusing on prominence, highlights and fame it should be focused on balance, performance, collective development, improvement and teamwork. Independence in task completion ‘was’ the strength; however interdependence ‘is’ the strength of the current era. We work together, struggle together, improve together and grow together. The art is to keep everyone along and motivated and that is exactly what the management should worry about.


Wondering while Wandering,



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20th Rabi ul Akhar 1436


Udaipur mai tha zahir ajab samaa;
Milad e Burhanuddin ki hurr su thi saddaaa

Kehtay thay kay ab Burhanuddin na hongay waha
Purr Aali Qadr mai thay aap he jalwa numa

Ilm kay jawahir aur ikhlaas beshbaha
Pohenchaya hum ghulamo ko kaha se kaha

Haqeeqat e moti aur seenp ki ada
Maula TUS ne ataoo kay jawahar kiye at’aa

Ander se bahar aur bahar se ander
Zahir aur batin mai farq kaha raha?

Zikr e burhanuddin pe ansovon ko bahaya
Aur  banadi inse ek motioon ki maa’la

Firaaak ki tumhari kami na honay di humko
Aali Qadr ne bus aap hee ka ziker keraya

Tawazo ki daulat aur Saifuddin RA ki khidmat
Ajab aapki tafaadi ka tha bus bayaan

Ajab shaan dikhaye ye Maula TUS ne humaray;
Aap kay zikr se sab aalam ko sajaya

Kiya kehna Aali Qadr TUS fazal ka tumharay;
Jhalak kaha samjhay ye nazar Aye Khudaya

Khuda keray ata; humain wo noor e haqiqi
Jis mai doob ker ikhlaas se ho hum fida

Qayamat talak rahay Noor e Burhanuddin;
Aali qadr mai ho zahir aap hee ki baqa


Amate Syedna TUS,

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Milaad Raat;1436


It’s another year without your presence

The season of spring recollecting your fragrance

An absence it is, but of some other kind;

You are way ahead, while we are left behind…

You live within us, so deeply inside;

That impossible it is for us to decide…

You are with us nearer so much more;

Or this farewell of yours is just for this worldly abode ?

More than a year has now elapsed;

The jewels of your memory never left any gaps

The presence of Aali Qadr TUS gleams upon us,

Reminding of you, while enlightening our worlds

May Maula Aali Qadr TUS shine always amongst us;

Like the jewels, the stars and the sun above us

Till the world exists, with every dawn of the day

Your Zikr will remain, come what may…


Amate Syedna TUS,


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16th of Rabi ul Akhar 1436

The recent documentary made on the entire life of the 52nd Dai ul Mutlaq Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA is an extraordinarily well prepared work of art and is a source of enlightment for many.

The rarity of pictures and incidences of Muqaddas Maula’s RA lifetime are indeed a source of wonder. Event after event is brilliantly captured unfolding chapters of achievements and a lifetime of dedication to the Khidmat of  of Imam uz Zaman AS.

Our hearts freshen up with the warm memories of our Maula RA along with the generous glimpses and voice mubarak of Syedna Tahir Saifuddin RA. Many of us having never seen Syedna Tahir Saifuddin RA; for us,it is indeed these beautiful moments captured which makes us grab on every word relayed and cherish each sight.

From birth to youth, from Burhanuddin to Mansoor ul Yemen the documentary welled up emotions and memories which time; try it may, will fail to erase the freshness of the memory of Maula RA in our hearts.


The sight of both Maula RA together on different journeys and on takht mubarak brought back the recent memories of both Maula; Muqaddas Maula RA and Maula Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, together on the same takht e Imami.

Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS always captures the scenario of how humbly Muqaddas Maula RA would stand in front of his father, the way he paid his respects to him…indeed it was a sight which no eye could ever forget.
The love Maula RA had for Syedna Tahir Saifuddin RA had not only depicted in every gesture of his, but infact radiated from Him RA.

The documentary was a really successful venture in taking us momineen back in time, in the most precious rare moments of history which everyone of us took solace in.

Shukran Maula TUS

Amate Syedna TUS,

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A Bundle of Joy :)

I must be 6 years old when I would try to pick up a year old baby of mine. I would hear my chachi running after me, rightly concerned for I may drop the little toy of mine…

That is how I remember my first encounter with my beloved baby, my first feeling of affection I held in my heart for her… I remember doing my best to lift her up and hug her tightly… as for me she was a doll then and remains the same today…

I remember the inter city letters exchanged amongst us… from Karachi to Rawalpindi and vice versa. The immense joy the cartoon characters and the ‘Ainak wala jin’ brought to us, the summer vacations meet we had almost every year, sessions of Maggi, travelling to Karimabad together, night outs, and ofcourse the joy of being called ‘apa’… I have always loved Insia dearly…

It is always said and rightly so that it is the connection of the hearts that run deeper than blood, and with Insia my relation is such… it runs deeper than blood…

Hence today when the bloodline extends and my baby delivers one of her kind; a gift, a treasure, a bundle of joy, all I could do was remain speechless staring at my little Burhanuddin; my new bundle of joy…


Love you both,
Apa turned Khala :)



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