We all play our parts


I recall the first time I faced an audience—it was way back in kindergarten and I had to dress up as ‘tidy’ versus my counterpart ‘untidy’. I remember being squeaky clean in a cotton frock which my mom had stitched herself with tiny black and orange clovers printed on it. I have a hazy recollection of facing lines of chairs and saying my lines in automaton.

A clearer memory of myself being on stage is in Grade 1 at Mama Parsi School. It was an elocution and my father had trained me to recite the poem ‘Why’. I recall vividly knocking knees and a thumping heart under my starched white uniform.

Ever since then I have been put in the position of facing an audience umpteen times in school elocutions and debates as well as hosting programs at University. And every time the stress of public speaking is felt. The adrenalin rush accompanied with a dry throat and a pumping heart is experienced even today when giving a training or making announcements in assembly. Yet, once the words begin to pour out, the anxiety ebbs and then there’s no stopping.

Yesterday, the Primary section of MSB Shabbirabad put up an enactment—a colourful medley of skits– at the Jamea auditorium and it was a treat to behold the young tots of Grade 1 to the more mature Grade 4 students face such a large audience with confidence and poise and perfectly rehearsed lines.

It is certainly events like these and not just lessons out of a book, which infuse impressionable children with confidence and give them the valour to curb their nerves and put their fears behind them. It gives them the focus to complete a task and work in a team. These are the very lessons which will slowly and gradually sculpt an admirable personality. Such are experiences which will give them the drive to take on their future with focus and verve and push their qualms behind them in the face of challenges.

Over the last 13 years of my teaching career I have never failed to see diamonds come out of an enactment and shine for the rest of their lives. Be it the dramatic version of King Lear put up seven years ago, or the rendering of The Seven Ages of Man five years back; be it the Merchant of Venice last year or the termly elocutions—the participants always walk away rejuvenated and resculpted—a classier version of their old self. It is these students who have an edge in life; you dare and who dream.

After all, “All the world’s a stage

and all the men and women merely players

They have their exits and their entrances

and one man in his time plays many parts…”

We all play our parts; we all wear our masks. We all perform to the best of our abilities.

Amate Syedna TUS


16th of Shaban ul Karim 1438

In the darkness of the night

in the noise of silence 

there lays a disturbed mind

disturbed by the distance 

disturbed by the thoughts

disturbed by the ailments 

of the body and mind

Not far but by my side

I seek one sight

a petal all it takes

while a tear rolls down my eye

Help me O Maula! For you promised my side

Not minutes it takes but seconds to realize 

You are there and have always been by my side…

Amate Syedna TUS,


The Game of Versus


Its a game
Called Versus
Im sure you have played it

Its shame versus fear
Humiliation versus self respect
Its fickle friends versus the well wishers

Its an eye opener
To see who really cares
Who really matters.

While the world may watch with morbid pleasure
The wounds of others lain bare
Forgetting their own laughable follies, their own rotting scars, their own shameful secrets,

Yet, they forget
It’s a matter of
Now verses then
Now versus what is to come

Amate Syedna TUS

Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA

Syedna Taher Saifuddin

Those piercing eyes
That sagacious countenance
That alert stature
And the iron resolve
The wisdom of a scholar
The will of a warrior
A pen from which flowed rivers of enlightenment
A look which transformed many a souls
Gleaned from all that is Pure (Taher)

His sword vanquished all demons
His words swept away all doubts
Yet, the greatest gift He gave the world
Was a son who would be King of the World
A master like no other

Oh Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA!
You gave me life when I wept at your threshold
You gave me strength when I was sapped of it
You cleansed me of disease when I was ailing
You gave me tolerance when I could no longer bear

You lie surrounded by the Holy Verse
Beside your Son
And I know of no oneraudat

Who has returned empty handed
From the Raudat around which my soul speeds
Just as a pilgrim sojourns around the Kaaba

A Raudat where my soul yearns to be
Its image painting my every vision
Waking or asleep

For the Raudat Tahera is surely the Bait
From where life and hope continue to spread.

Amate Syedna TUS

16th Rajab ul Asab 1438

It couldn’t be a better night than tonight in the month of Maulana Ali AS to do the zikr of His Dai Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA.

Like the chant of Ya Ali AS remains on the tip of our tongues the name of His Dai Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA offers relief and solace to our troubled souls in times of pain and anguish.

With the might of Ali AS, Maula RA steered the engines of Dawat e Hadya guiding the community of momineen towards the path of piety and righteousness.

At the age of 102 even, Maula RA never retired or took any rest but continued to serve till His RA very last. As He prayed “I will keep performing khidmat till the last vein moves in my body.” And so He RA did, and Allah blessed Maula RA a life of which it is impossible to offer a recollection, that can justify the colossal episodes of Khidmat that He RA performed in His lifetime.

With valour and strength Maula RA did zikr of Maulana Ali AS. His words still echo in our hearts and minds. The Zikr of Maula RA shall remain with the Zikr of Ali AS. May this Zikr remain fresh and alive till the day of qayamat.

Amate Syedna TUS,



tu me manquera

“The Brainy Express”she exclaimed and I laughed as I heard my title that the students of my outgoing class awarded me. Lavished with love and memories, there is no match to these students in my timeline, who shall soon leave the school behind graduating towards their aimed future accomplishments.

The current batch of students hold the most special place in my heart for the circumstances they were awarded to me in, makes this entire experience of my teaching career a very special one. I vividly remember accepting them as a bunch of rowdy kids who don’t let a teacher stand in the class, let alone teach them. I was told grand fables which could have amounted to a written book if I had begun to write them! However I am glad I didn’t as three years from then, I would have had nothing to endorse from it, today.

I remember my first few days with them. Initially I went confused in their class cause of the prior knowledge I held but gradually I understood- how misunderstood they are! I tried my best to understand them, their needs, their conflicts and most importantly to hear them out and let it be known to them that, “I am listening. “ I remember once they blamed one of their mates of a misdeed and how I instead of being upset shared with them a lesson of unity. Soon we became friends. Friends of a special kind. Those that we see every day, meet every day and those that we take for granted for we think and feel they are inseparable to us.

Today I bid farewell to the most mature, sensitive and focused set of students. Not only they are one united lot but have grown to be uniquely smart. Each one has his/her own attribute to offer, an artist, a writer, a reader, a speaker, a cricketer, a gymnast, a calligraphist, a current affairs specialist and the list goes on and on… each one has found his/her calling and refined their skills in their opted specializations.

Today in these days of farewell, I watch them transfixed as the three years pass by my vision and seem like a jiffy. I already feel the withdrawal syndrome getting me, as I crib and cry about this separation which I never think about before investing myself fully in my kids. I love them with such finality that it seems as if we are bound forever but each time reality has bit me, I have never learnt…

Each name of this dear batch of 2017 rings a bell in my heart. I have fondly called them always, “My Miracle Children” as they truly were and shall remain to be.

Pensive today I sit in reverie, rekindling this flame of memories I have had with them, the laughter we shared and all the plans we made. The closed door discussions, the tears, the challenges we faced and yes of course-the anger:)

I’m sure a lot of smiles shall come my way, as I close this piece with this dedication to my class,
“Goodbyes are for those who only love with their eyes. Because for those who love with their heart and soul, there is no separation.” –Rumi

May you shine, May you prosper!
*(I can hear Abbas saying Amen!)

16th of Jamadal Ukhra 1438:

Of suns and lanterns,

the source to it’s recepient,

reflecting and radiating,

all light that we can see

Of the Duwaat Mutleqeeen

all lanterns and beams

You: the mishkaat of Anwar

radiated Imam Hakim’s sheen

You illuminated the Masjid

victorious against all odds

The revival of Anwar,

remains a miracle on record

No eye forgets,

the tale remains fresh

A chapter after another,

27 months it makes

The glory of dawat

remains fresh and blessed,

You rejuvenated and revived

ensured our souls to survive

The glow of Anwar:

glistens your name,

Each inscription:

cascades your memory …

Amate Syedna TUS,


My victorious little tiger :)

With shaking hands I put the camera on recording. Hazy in the beginning, yet I couldn’t manage to care about what I captured. The scene that lay in front of me compelled me to rid off all obstructions between me and him. It was a sight to see my tiger running, focused and deftly over taking an opponent after another. I was by now clear that I don’t have to focus on the camera as the excitement in me wasn’t helping me with the capture of the moments either… so I stared transfixed till I could hear myself chanting his name, ” Ali Asghar !!! ” which finally culminated into a “yayyyy you made it!!!”

It was worth it, every moment of the wait, the aching toes and back, that minute of your victory, it was worth it all! Like a master you stood, tall and strong, focused and victorious. May Allah bless you victory every step of your way, with every passing minute, always and forever… 

Your ever loving mother, 


Happy Birthday Maula RA! 

A beautiful lens help. They help us to see the world likewise. If our lens are blurry, we can’t expect to see things clearly, leave apart beautifully.  

WIth the dua and guidance of Aqa Maula TUS, we all possess beautiful lenses that are washed by the grief of Imam Husain SA. 

Hence there are certain framed images in our mind which brings immense joy and pleasure to us.

Such is today’s event captured, preserved and framed beautifully with the memory of the 52nd Dai Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA.

Today with our clear lens and beautiful vision we see this day of His RA birth as a day blessed with happiness and joy. 

It gives us momineen another reason to rejoice, reminisce and balm ourselves in the memory of our Beloved Maula RA

Happy Birthday Maula RA! 

Your memories live young and fresh within us!

Amate Syedna TUS,


16th of Jamadil Ula 1438

These moments remain untrue

lifeless, pointless, aimless

no purity I find, no reason defined

I try in vain to find some peace

Those eyes are looking thirstily at me

Those smiles asking me to stay a little longer

I really can’t decide for it’s time to stay 

or for me to leave…

I try my best to understand this world

the twists and turns, the gamble and play

they bore me more with each passing day

I try to learn and unlearn it all

what is worth it, isn’t really worth at all

Moving in a circle over and over again

my body seems to weaken,  my soul in pain

The thought of You, and to see You there

where no time confines, no material defines

I stay in this reverie and forsee beyond time

When I will finally see You there,

leaving all burdens behind

Amate Syedna TUS,